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Six Simple Warehouse Improvements

By November 14, 2017May 2nd, 2022Business, Warehouse Productivity

Often times, making changes to your warehouse can be time consuming and cost you money. But there are a few changes you can make to improve your warehouse which will not cost you much and improve your warehouse efficiency. Here are 6 ways you can improve your warehouse without spending too much money and not using too much precious time.

Better Product and Storage System Slotting. Too much need for travel in a pick area can make your warehouse less economical to navigate. Improper slotting can be the cause of this extensive travel, and storage bins with openings too big or too small could be using too much space in your storage facility. By putting each item in the proper location and slotting items properly can aid in the productivity of your warehouse. Proper slotting can optimize the put away, replenishment, and picking times for each item. Perform a slot analysis for the items in your warehouse to determine the best placement for each item.

Measuring Results. Keeping track of your warehouse operations helps you determine which changes need to be made to optimize the performance of your warehouse. There are many operations within a warehouse which can be measured but are not, and there are many different ways you can go about measuring the efficiency of your warehouse operations. Additionally, when you implement a new solution, you should keep tabs and measure whether or not it is really better than the way you were previously carrying out tasks.

Proper Labels and Signage. Be sure your items are properly labeled and the labels are easy to read for the employees who are going through and picking items off of shelves. This can help maximize warehouse efficiency and can cut down on error when picking products. You can also help control the flow of warehouse traffic with proper signage because employees will know exactly where to go for a product rather than wandering around in the attempt to find something.

Warehouse Cleanliness. Keeping your warehouse clean may seem like an obvious necessity, but having a clean work environment can help employees enjoy their workplace more. Additionally, making it easy for employees to clean up after themselves will keep your warehouse more efficient. Have trash cans placed throughout the workplace for stray packing materials or other rubbish which can crowd the floor and get caught in machinery.

Proper Lighting. Proper warehouse lighting can aid employees in their work. Not only can it help with the demeanor of workers, but it can also cut down on mistakes or even accidents. With proper lighting, employees can better read signs and labels on items. Energy efficient lighting will even cut down on warehouse costs for you.

Storage System Reconfiguration. The right storage system will aid vastly in the efficiency of your warehouse. Before you can go about reconfiguring your warehouse, you need to research your best racking options, racking layouts, and your warehouse layout. It may be an in depth process, but reconfiguring your storage system will pay off in the end.