Pallet Rack Accessories

  • Footplates – also known as base-plates they are located at the base of columns and serve as anchors providing more stability for the rack: anchor bolts are inserted through the base-plates holes to attach the upright (post) to the concrete floor. Footplates are made of thicker steel and in some geographic locations; they must be of a certain size and seismic rating. Foot-pads increase the pallet rack’s overall stability and weight-bearing capacity.
  • Shims – are used when the uprights are going to be located on floors that might be uneven; in term the shims, equal in size to the base of the uprights, they are located on the bottom of the uprights to level the rack.
  • Row spacers – are in most cases used when bays (uprights) are arranged in back-to-back rows; the spacers are mounted between adjacent columns to ensure that the rows are kept straight and to give the pallet racks even more strength and steadiness.
  • Wall ties – may be used for further support if the uprights are arranged in a row along a wall.
  • Column protectors – also known as post protectors, are protective shields that can be installed around the base of an upright to minimize damage in areas where forklifts might hit the upright.
  • Guard rails – are installed to increase

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