Pallet Rack Accessories

Atlantic Rack showcases a range of products designed to optimize and secure warehouse storage systems. These accessories serve various functions, from enhancing the structural integrity of pallet racks to improving safety and operational efficiency. Each product is crafted with the specific needs of a warehouse environment in mind, ensuring both durability and functionality.

Column Protectors:

These are essential for safeguarding the structural columns of pallet racks from potential damage caused by forklifts or other machinery, thereby reducing repair costs and extending the lifespan of the rack system.

collumn protector
Pallet Rack Wire Deck Support

Wire Decking:

Offers a robust and versatile shelving solution that improves the safety and organization of stored items. It allows for better visibility, air circulation, and sprinkler access, enhancing fire safety measures.

Row Spacers and Wall Ties:

Utilized to maintain consistent row spacing and secure racks to walls, respectively. Row spacers ensure orderly storage, while wall ties add an extra layer of stability, preventing racks from tipping.

Wall Tie

Footplates and Shims: 

Footplates increase the base area of rack columns for improved stability, while shims are used for leveling racks on uneven floors, ensuring a secure and stable foundation for storage systems.

  • Shims – are used when the uprights are going to be located on floors that might be uneven; in term the shims, equal in size to the base of the uprights, they are located on the bottom of the uprights to level the rack.
  • Row spacers – are in most cases used when bays (uprights) are arranged in back-to-back rows; the spacers are mounted between adjacent columns to ensure that the rows are kept straight and to give the pallet racks even more strength and steadiness.
  • Guard rails – are installed to increase

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