Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is an ideal solution for maximizing retail and supermarket space. It is designed for versatility and efficiency, allowing for both product display and storage. These shelving units are customizable to fit various product sizes and store layouts, enhancing the shopping experience by making products easily accessible and visually appealing. Gondola shelving’s durability and adaptability make it suitable for a wide range of retail environments, providing a balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality to effectively manage and present inventory.

Maxi line gondolas

Maxi Line Gondolas

Maxi Line is Atlantic Rack’s most popular and versatile product line. Thousands of shelves, merchandising accessories, and back panel options make this line universally appealing to all market segments. Maxi Line’s standard shelves include integral tag moldings, round perforations for accessories, and slim, multi-position brackets.

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Black Coated Gondola Units

Black coat gondola units are designed for merchandising the center portion of your store. They are free standing units, and are manufactured with heavy duty steel components.

The gondolas units are sold as kits and are designed to meet all your fixture needs. It’s unique system allows you the flexibility to customize your store by using standard parts and accessories.

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gondola shelving

Promote your products with our Lighting Gondola.

Ideal for shopper marketing.

Atlantic Rack realizes the importance of incorporating energy-efficient lighting into fixtures. Good lighting has a positive impact on shopping behavior. Atlantic Rack has several state-of-the art lighting products that are eco-friendly since they contain no heavy metals and reduce power consumption. These lights emit virtually no heat or UV rays, consume approximately 50 percent less energy than conventional sources, and have an incredibly long life, usually 70,000 hours or more.


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