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9 Ways to Increase Warehouse Maximization

By October 16, 2017May 2nd, 2022Uncategorized

When it comes to managing a warehouse, warehouse maximization is a key component. Your warehouse can eventually acquire so many things, that you can run out of room in your warehouse. Whether it is from seasonal growth, discount selling and buying, or even a natural accumulation of products, you will find that your warehouse can no longer accommodate the amount of product you have. Even just buying a larger warehouse will not fix the problem because with a larger warehouse, you think you have more space for product so you buy more and more product—it becomes much like a goldfish being moved to larger and larger bowls, it just keeps growing to the size of the bowl.

Larger warehouses also come with a whole list of other problems like trying to maintain the warehouse and keep it running smoothly. It is more difficult to run a smooth warehouse when it is too large to manage. Additionally, more travel from place to place within a warehouse results in higher fuel costs for your machinery. Even expanding into another warehouse or relocating into a larger space is not necessarily the answer to your warehousing problems. It is best to utilize the space you have in a more economical way. This not only would save you the time of trying to relocate your warehouse, but it will also save you money in the long run. Here are 9 ways to increase your warehouse maximization.

Reorganize. Reorganizing your inventory into a more economical arrangement will help your employees to more easily locate product on the floor.

Declutter. Clutter in your warehouse can make it difficult for employees to navigate when they are pulling product. Keep your pathways clear and your items in an order which makes sense.

Use Unused Space. Recognize where there is space to be used and mark it for when you are looking for extra space later on. Unused space is wasteful and can cause a jam in other areas.

Remove Unneeded Items. Inventory which has been sitting on shelves for too long is unneeded and just takes up space in your warehouse. Use these areas to store items which are more popular and need to be accessed more often.

Convenience. Make sure the items which are needed more often are in a convenient place which can be accessed easily.

Narrow Aisles. Do not make the widths of your aisles too big. They still need to be able to be accessed by forklift, but there may be some areas which can be narrowed.

Vertical Space. Be sure you are using the vertical space of your warehouse to your advantage. This helps open up floor space for more items.

Container Space. Make sure you are using your individual container space to its best potential. Each item in individual containers should fit accurately without any wasted space.

Stick to Your Organization Method. Find an organization method which works for your warehouse and do not deviate from that method.