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Metal Asset Stickers

By December 13, 2017May 2nd, 2022Business, Warehouse Productivity

You use asset tags for nearly everything in your warehouse. But did you know there is a better option for your asset stickers other than paper? Metal asset stickers can be very important to your warehouse’s asset tracking. Just like any other sticker, they allow you to keep track and scan your products when you are taking inventory in your warehouse. But they are also far more durable than any other asset tag. They can stand up to outdoor conditions such as rain, heat, or fading from the sun. As a matter of fact, many metal asset tags can see over 20 years of continued use.

Tracking. Metal asset stickers are ideal for tracking inventory because the barcodes remain readable throughout the lifespan of the product. With the combination of the durable metal tag and the adhesive which can withstand the elements, the tag basically becomes a part of the product itself. So in most cases you do not have to replace the sticker until the product needs to be replaced. This aids the employees who take inventory because they are less likely to run across a product with a missing label.

Benefits. As previously stated, metal stickers withstand the test of time. They save you time and money when it comes to taking inventory because they almost never have to be replaced and will not deteriorate over time. Metal stickers are of durable construction, and the barcodes featured on them are not exposed as they are sealed under a clear protective layer to keep them from scratching or fading. Their resistance makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are also completely customizable and can be made with any barcode, shape, and text to make them suitable for your product.

Metal stickers will contain important information on an asset such as the last time maintenance was performed on it and when it is due to be replaced. Such important information should not have to be transferred over every time the product needs a new label because the old one has worn off.

The durability of metal stickers also ensures that the product is less likely to be stolen or transferred without the proper authorization. The stickers bond so tightly to the item that it is nearly impossible for it to be removed or tampered with. The product is then completely traceable should it wander off in the wrong hands.