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Safety and security are big issues to take in consideration at any warehouse or distribution center. Wire partition and safety cages are commonly used to protect tools, machinery, enclose documents and restrict areas in your facility. At Atlantic Rack we carry a wide variety of partitions products that provide a cost-efficient, and convenient option for storing and securing products, documents, and other equipment in your facility.

Wire cages and partitions can be designed and customized to fit your specific needs using modular construction options.

Wire Partitions

Fully customizable and easy to install, Wire Partitions can be used to build free standing secured storage enclosures, security cages, or to divide large building areas into smaller sections. Wire partitions are fully framed wire mesh panels that bolt together section by section. Most maintenance departments can install this modular partitioning product without the use of special tools or equipment.

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Partition Cages
DEA Cages

DEA Approved Cages

DEA Drug Storage application is ideally suited for pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, distribution centers, record storage, drug warehouses, and much more.  The walls of these cages have a minimum of 1 1/2″ horizontal reinforcement at least every 5′. The panels mount flush to floor, and utilize heavy 3/8″ hardware which is non-accessible from the exterior. Panels are stackable to any height and clear spanning ceilings up to 30′.

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Access Control Cages

A simple and cost-effective solution to safeguard access to your facility.

Helps keep workers safe and prevent visitors to unknowingly walk into your facility. Also known as driver cages, this solution is usually furnished with a service window and door to sign, deliver and receive small packages.

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Access Control Cages
Pallet Rack Enclosures

Pallet Rack Enclosures & Safety Panels

Pallet rack enclosures are a very useful solution to secure valuable items in bulk storage or pallet racks.

RackBack safety panels are wire mesh panels that bolt directly to the back of your existing pallet rack uprights creating a sturdy barrier between stored items and the ground below, preventing items from falling of your rack!

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Data Centers & Machinery Protection

Protect and separate IT servers, classified documents, machinery and other valuables. Secure relevant documents and control access to restricted areas with modular partition cages.

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Machinery Cages

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