High-Density, Deep Lane Storage!

One of the biggest challenges of warehouses today is storing an ever increasing number of pallets, with an ever increasing number of products in a fixed storage space. PUSH-BACK PALLET RACK storage systems will help increase the pallet count, while offering many more pick faces than other high-density storage systems like Drive-in/Drive-thru racks.

PUSH-BACK PALLET RACK systems are a LIFO (Last-in, First-out) gravity storage system that uses inclined rails and nested carts or rollers to load/unload pallets one behind the other. This provides high-density as it only requires one aisle for picking and allows access to multiple groups of SKU’s.

How Push-Back Rack Systems Work

Each pallet is loaded from the front of the system on to a cart or the inclined rails with rollers. In order to load the next pallet, the forklift operator must push the first placed pallet position back with the next pallet. To unload, when the front pallet is unloaded, the pallet behind glides to the front for picking.

Traditional push-back cart and track design has a 6 deep pallet maximum, meanwhile pallet flow rails system allows up to 12+ pallets deep.

Advantages of Push Back Racking

  • Beneficial for LIFO (Last-in / First-out) storage configuration.
  • Offers 90% more storage capacity than selective racking.
  • Ideal for storing same SKU pallets.
  • Stores up to 6 pallets deep using traditional push-back carts systems or 12+ deep using pallet flow rollers.
  • The best mix of high density storage with selectivity.
  • As a gravity flow rack, does not require batteries or electricity to operate.
  • Pallets can be loaded and unloaded more quickly because of the single-aisle accessibility, which minimizes labor efforts.
  • Rack damage is significantly reduced because forklift doesn’t have to drive in the rack to load/unload pallets.
  • Sturdy construction yields years of maintenance-free operations.

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Selective Racking vs Push Back Racking

Who should use Push-Back Racking

Any warehouse that is looking to increase their storage space or maximize density should consider push-back racking. These solutions are fully operational on coolers and freezers and no special forklifts are required to operate them.

Push Back Racks are applicable for operations that have a large number of SKU’s and need a lot of pick faces. Good for items that have a long storage life and don’t require immediate access. Well suited to storing large quantities of relatively few product types.

We have installed push-back racking in a wide variety of industry types like:

  • Food distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Third Party Logistic Facilities
  • Automotive
  • Parmaceuticals
  • + Much More

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