Plastic Storage Bins

The most flexible storage systems available.

Performance Features at glance:

  • Comes in 20 different sizes
  • Standard colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Ivory, Black and Clear.
  • Additional colors available on request (subject minimum runs)
  • Bins are made from heavy-duty, virgin, high-density FDA approved polypropylene.
  • Large multiple label slots provide easy label insertion and parts identification.
  • Extra-wide stacking ledge assures stability for high stacking.
  • Reinforced design adds strength and prevents spreading.
  • Will not rust or corrode, is waterproof and it is unaffected by weak acids and alkalis.
  • Can be used with a length or width divider to add storage capacity.
plastic storage bins


  1. Full width hanger supports bin when hanging from lowered panels or rails.
  2. Reinforced rib design adds strength and prevents spreading.
  3. Extra-wide stacking ledge for secure stacking.
  4. Large front label slots allows larger barcode scanning and contect identification.
  5. Anti-slide stop prevents stacked bins from shifting forward.
  6. Optional dividers increase storage options.
  7. Optional windows, maximum storage capacity, prevent spillage and protects parts from dust and dirt.

Storage Bins Benefits

  • Space Optimization: Maximize your storage space with our stackable bin design, allowing you to keep more in less space.
  • Organizational Efficiency: With the built-in label holders, our bins make sorting and retrieval a breeze, enhancing productivity.
  • Durability: Constructed with high-quality, industrial-strength plastic to withstand the rigors of any warehouse environment.
  • Versatility: Our bins are versatile in use, from storing small components to bulk items, suitable for a range of industries.Extra-wide stacking ledge assures stability for high stacking.
  • Safety: The bins’ smooth edges and sturdy design ensure a safer workplace by reducing the risk of injury.
  • Portability: Equipped with comfortable handles, our bins are easily transported, whether full or empty.
plastic bins

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