Elevate Your Warehouse with Atlantic Rack’s Storage Solutions.

Atlantic Rack’s extensive range of storage cabinets is meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of modern warehouses, promoting exceptional organization and operational efficiency. These cabinets are engineered for durability and versatility, accommodating everything from heavy equipment to sensitive materials. With a focus on maximizing space utilization and enhancing workflow, Atlantic Rack’s solutions are indispensable for businesses seeking to optimize their storage practices. Their commitment to quality ensures that every cabinet is a reliable, secure, and practical addition to any warehouse environment.

Storage Cabinets Features

(Interior design for storing different items)

  • Cabinets are fabricated from heavy gauge steel for appearance and durability
  • All metal parts are precision engineered. No bolt heads show in front or on side panels
    Positive three-point locking (top, center and bottom) and theft resistant hinges for security
  • Chrome-plated locking handle has built-in grooved key cylinder lock
  • Shelves easily adjust up or down in 2” increments.
  • Triple flanged front for added strength (300 lb. Capacity)
  • Doors swing out quietly a full 180° and are “HAT” section reinforced
  • Corner Foot Gussets provide added rigidity and stability.
  • Gives maximum protection to tools, dies, delicate instruments, supplies, and personal belongings.
  • Neat and attractive in appearance.
  • Designed to meet government requirements.

Storage Cabinets Benefits

  • Improved organization and easy access to tools and materials.
  • Enhanced space utilization, maximizing warehouse layout efficiency.
  • Secure storage options for sensitive or valuable items.
  • Durability and robustness, suitable for heavy-duty use.
  • Versatility in storage options to accommodate different types of inventory.
  • Reduction in clutter, leading to a safer work environment.
  • Protection against environmental factors like dust and moisture.
  • Customization options to fit specific storage needs.
  • Improved inventory management through better visibility and organization.
  • Long-term cost savings by protecting equipment from damage.

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