• LIFO/FIFO Configurations

  • Reduces space, cuts cost, and holds more loads with its deep lane storage.

  • High volume, low SKU.

  • Eliminates the need for multiple aisles

  • Provides control over entry and exit.

  • Design to suit your pallets and forklifts.

Drive-In / Drive-Thru Pallet Rack

Optimize space. Drive-In/Drive-Thru is a high density storage solution ideal for homogeneous, low-rotation products with a large number of pallets.

Adaptable to either a first in, first out system or a last in, first out system, Drive-In/Drive-Thru is highly customizable.

Benefits: Fewer Aisles, Increased storage space, Depth of system unlimited.

Applications: High volume SKU storage. Freezer/Cooler Storage, Storage of common sized pallets.

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Atlantic Rack's Drive In Pallet Rack system

Drive in Pallet Rack Systems / Drive Thru Pallet Rack Systems

Drive in pallet rack systems and drive thru pallet rack systems  are storage rack configurations that allow the forklift to drive directly into the lane of stacked rows (called a bay). The difference between a drive-in pallet rack system and a drive thru pallet rack system is simply whether the bays have an entry at only one end, or at both ends. Drive in rack systems use a common entry and exit, while drive thru systems have entry points at either end of the bay. Because a drive-in racking system has only one entrance, it uses what is called a LIFO (last in, first out) storage method. With only one entrance, the last pallet put into a row is necessarily the first one to be taken out.

A drive thru storage system, with two different entry points, can also use a FIFO (first in, first out) storage method. With a FIFO system, pallets are loaded in one end and are pushed back to the other end, where they are then at the front of the row on the opposite side. The first pallet put into such a row is the first one taken out at the other end. This system is advantageous for material with an expiration date or wherever shelf life is a major concern.

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