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Galvanized Pallet Rack Systems

Atlantic Rack’s galvanized steel selective and cantilever pallet rack systems stand as a testament to advanced storage solution engineering, designed to meet the rigorous demands of harsh operational environments. Below is an expanded overview, highlighting their distinctive features and advantages:

  • Harsh Environment Resilience: Built to withstand moisture, extreme temperatures, and chemicals, ensuring durability and rust resistance.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for outdoor, cooler, freezer, and chemical exposure settings, offering reliable performance across various environments.
  • Safety and Stability: Designed to keep products and personnel safe, these racks provide a secure storage foundation.
  • Economical Efficiency: Maximizes space utilization and operational efficiency with cost-effective storage solutions that enhance inventory management.
  • Cost-Effective Storage Solutions: Beyond durability, these racks are an economical choice that enhances space efficiency. They improve inventory visibility and accessibility, streamlining operations and reducing operational costs.
  • Durability and Longevity: The galvanized finish extends lifespan, making these racks a durable investment for growing businesses.
  • Customization and Scalability: Adaptable to meet specific operational needs, ensuring your storage solution can evolve with your business.

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    Galvanized Selective Pallet Rack

    Galvanized Uprights Product

    GALVANIZED TEARDROP UPRIGHTS - Capacity 20,000 lbs
    Product No.
    Size H x D
    Wt Lbs
    Price ea.
    HRSGU-824-208' x 24"47Please Call
    HRSGU-836-208' x 36"48Please Call
    HRSGU-842-20 **8' x 42"50Please Call
    HRSGU-848-208' x 48"52Please Call
    HRSGU-1224-2012' x 24"69Please Call
    HRSGU-1236-2012' x 36"70Please Call
    HRSGU-1242-20 **12' x 42"73Please Call
    HRSGU-1248-2012' x 48"75Please Call
    HRSGU-1624-2016' x 24"90Please Call
    HRSGU-1636-2016' x 36"92Please Call
    HRSGU-1642-20 **16' x 42"95Please Call
    HRSGU-1648-2016' x 48"98Please Call
    GALVANIZED TEARDROP UPRIGHTS - Capacity 27,000 lbs
    HRSGU-1636-2716' x 36"107Please Call
    HRSGU-1642-27 **16' X 42"110Please Call
    HRSGU-1648-2716' x 48"113Please Call
    HRSGU-1842-2718' X 42"123Please Call
    HRSGU-2042-27 **20' X 42"136Please Call
    HRSGU-2048-2720' x 48"140Please Call
    * Based on a 48" Shelf Spacing
    Large Qty's& non stock Item Lead times 8 - 10 Weeks

    Galvanized Beams Product

    Product No.Size L x HWt Lbs.Capacity * Lbs.Price ea.
    HRSGB-483048" x 3.0" **114,330Please Call
    HRSGB-963096" x 3.0"202,043Please Call
    HRSGB-963596" x 3.5"222,918Please Call
    HRSGB-964096" x 4.0" **264,062Please Call
    HRSGB-964596" x 4.5" **285,459Please Call
    HRSGB-965096" x 5.0" **336,212Please Call
    HRSGB-965596" x 5.5" **367,334Please Call
    HRSGB-10855108" x 5.5" **365,868Please Call
    HRSGB-12055120" x 5.5" **405,281Please Call
    HRSGB-144625144" x 6.00" **405,650Please Call
    Large Quantities Lead times are Standard Lead Time 8 - 10 Weeks

    Galvanized Cantilever Rack

    Galvanized Cantilever Towers & Arms

    Product No.HEIGHT Ft.Cap Lbs.Wt Lbs.Price Ea.
    HRSGCLT- 8S **8'12,760127Please Call
    HRSGCLT-12S **12'11,110186Please Call
    HRSGCLT-16S **16'9,980238Please Call
    HRSGCLT-20S **20'8,800291Please Call
    Product No.HEIGHT Ft.Cap lbs/SideWt Lbs.Price Ea.
    HRSGCLT- 8D **8'12,760127Please Call
    HRSGCLT-12D **12'11,110186Please Call
    HRSGCLT-16D **16'9,980238Please Call
    HRSGCLT-20D **20'8,800291Please Call
    Product No.Length in.Cap Lbs.Wt. LbsPrice Ea.
    HRSGCLA-36 **36"280023Please Call
    HRSGCLA-48 **48"250029Please Call
    HRSGCL-SH **8" X 8"3Please Call
    HRSGCL-Stop **10"1Please Call
    Large Qty's & non stock Item Lead times 8 - 10 Weeks

    Galvanized Cantilever Brace Sets

    Brace Set 8 - 10 Ft Towers
    Product No.Length in.Wt LbsPrice Ea.
    HRSGCLX-A-4848"34Please Call
    HRSGCLX-A-6060"37Please Call
    HRSGCLX-A-7272"43Please Call
    HRSGCLX-A-8484"49Please Call
    Brace Set 12 & 16 Ft Towers
    Product No.Length in.Wt LbsPrice Ea.
    HRSGCLX-B-4848"45Please Call
    HRSGCLX-B-6060"51Please Call
    HRSGCLX-B-7272"58Please Call
    HRSGCLX-B-8484"67Please Call
    Brace Set - 20 Ft Towers
    Product No.Length in.Wt LbsPrice Ea.
    HRSGCLX-C-4848"68Please Call
    HRSGCLX-C-6060"75Please Call
    HRSGCLX-C-7272"85Please Call
    HRSGCLX-C-8484"98Please Call
    Large Qty's& non stock Item Lead times 8 - 10 Weeks

    Galvanized Cantilever Bases

    Product No.TOWERLength in.For ArmWt. LbsPrice Ea.
    HRSGCLB-36S **Single Side50"36"71Please Call
    HRSGCLB-36D **Double Side83"36"115Please Call
    HRSGCLB-48S **Single Side62"48"84Please Call
    HRSGCLB-48D **Double Side107"48"140Please Call
    Note: Other Sizes Avaibailable : Standar Lead Time: 6 - 8 Weeks

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