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Atlantic Rack is proud to be the leading Pallet Rack distributor for Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America. We count with a vast network of suppliers including the largest manufacturer of pallet racks in United States and Europe, Interlake Mecalux.

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We represent more than 150 manufacturers with more than 115,000 products ready to be drop shipped directly to your door.
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Pallet Rack Industrial Storage Systems

Selective Pallet Rack Industrial Storage System

Selective Pallet Rack

The most commonly used storage system in warehouses. Mostly used in industrial warehouses, it provides the ability to store a high amount of inventory and gives a company the ability to take advantage of the vertical space.

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Cantilever Industrial Horizontal Storage System

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever racks are easy to install and reconfigure in order to store long, bulky, and over-sized loads like timber, pipes, trusses and plywood.

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Drive In Pallet Rack Industrial Storage System

Drive-in Pallet Rack

Storage rack configurations that allow the forklift to drive directly into the lane of stacked rows. High density storage solution ideal for homogeneous, low-rotation products with a large number of pallets.

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Galvanized Pallet Rack Industrial Storage System

Galvanized Pallet Rack Systems

Our selection of galvanized steel selective & cantilever pallet rack systems are designed to work in harsh environments. These systems are highly resistant to rust, outdoor environments, cooler, freezers and chemical applications.

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Push Back Pallet Rack Industrial Storage System

Push Back Pallet Rack

The perfect solution for the storage of same SKU pallets. It permits both high density storage and fast access using a standard fork truck. LIFO (Last In First Out) storage of pallets up to 6 deep using gravity keeping the picking face accessible at all times.

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Pallet Flow Industrial Storage System

Pallet Flow Rack

High density pallet storage systems that utilize depth to increase capacity. This system uses a slightly inclined rail with rollers that allow pallets to move easily along the sloped plane. These systems are also called gravity flow or dynamic flow systems

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Other Storage Systems & Equipment

Carton Flow Warehouse Storage System

Carton Flow Rack

This system is made up of slightly inclined wheel and roller platforms that manually gravitate toward the picker, ensuring high efficiency, visibility, and fast reconfiguration.

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Rivet Rack Storage System

Rivet Rack

Rivet Rack steel shelving is a safe, effective and economical way to organize your warehouse space, and meet your storage requirements. Designed for instant assembly with maximum strength at low cost. Easy to assemble.

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Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving

Make the most out of your store or retail space. The gondolas units are sold as kits and are designed to meet all your fixture needs. It’s unique system allows you the flexibility to customize your store by using standard parts and accessories

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Warehouse Mezzanine


Atlantic Rack brings you the highest quality Mezzanines in the industry with our exclusive partnership with Cogan and Wildeck (industry leading manufacturers) we can guarantee high grade solutions for your business needs.

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In plant Office for warehouse

In Plant Office

Add additional space and/or rooms within an existing facility. In plant offices are engineered for easy installation and relocation while providing the structural integrity and strength of conventional construction

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Pallet Rack Wire Decks

Pallet Rack Wire Decks

commonly used as a safety measure on selective pallet rack to prevent pallets or the products stored on them from falling through the rack structure. Wire mesh construction also allows for easy identification of shelf contents and prevents dirt and other debris from accumulating on the shelves because of the holes in the mesh.

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