Dock Equipment

At Atlantic Rack we carry a wide range of quality dock equipment products including: edge-of-dock levelers, pit dock levelers, dock ramps, dock plates, dock bumpers, dock seals and shelters, vehicle restraints and more! Our docking equipment is usually in-stock and available for fast delivery or pick up.

Edge-of-Dock Levelers

Edge-of-dock levelers are offered with either mechanical or hydraulic operation and are a great solution for lower budgets.  They mount directly to the dock face and provide a recommended working range of around 3″ and a maximum operating range of 5″ above or below dock.

Pit Dock Levelers

Loading dock levelers are offered with either mechanical, hydraulic or air-powered operation. These quality levelers have been proven over the years to be some of the strongest and most reliable levelers on the market, providing a smooth and efficient loading process.

Steel Dock Ramps

Atlantic Rack’s Steel dock boards are suitable for heavy motorized equipment such as fork lift trucks and electric pallet trucks. These standard ramps work as a bridge between docks and trucks. Standard size is 60″ x 60″ in blue color.

Laminated Dock Bumpers

Provide protection against vehicle damage to docks, buildings and cargo. Constructed to last and provide years of protection. Excellent for medium and heavy traffic loading docks.

Dock Seals & Shelters

Adding seals and shelters to your dock provides the safest warehouse environment. Sealing gaps around the truck trailers help maintain temperature and also prohibits outside elements like rodents, bugs, rain, wind, dust and other pests to enter your facility.

Dock Vehicle Restraints

Prevent trucks from moving during loading and unloading. If a truck leaves the loading dock before loading and unloading is complete, workers or forklifts can fall into the gap between the truck and dock, causing serious injury or equipment damage.

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Whats are Dock Ramps / Plates and Levelers? How will it help my business operations?

Dock Plates and Dock Boards

Dock plates and dock boards are simply metal ramps, bridging the gaps between dock and truck. Dock plates are generally made out of aluminium whilst dock boards are generally made out of steel. Aluminium dock plates are suitable for lighter loads, such as handtruck  and dollies. Steel dock boards are more suitable for heavier motorized equipment such as fork lift trucks and electric pallet trucks. Another difference between dock plates and dock boards, in addition to their load-bearing capabilities, is their construction. Dock plates are simple flat plates,  dock boards have curbs, bolted or welded to the edge of the board.Run-off is prevented by a simple painted yellow strip along the edge of a dock plate, whereas it is the curbs (also generally painted yellow) that prevent run-off on dock boards; these curbs are also where the higher weight capacities of dock boards come from.

Dock Levelers

Dock levelers are, fixed to the dock. They comprise a simple metal plate, called a lip that is raised from a stowed position and then lowered onto the back of the truck. They are operated either manually, via a simple pull chain, or hydraulically, with an electric pump driving a piston to lift the plate.

The most common form of dock leveler is the recessed, or pit, dock leveler. As the name suggests, this type of leveler  is contained in a recess, or pit, beneath the dock door and floor surface. Dock levelers are stronger than dock plates and have similar ranges to dock boards, making them suitable not only for motorized fork lift trucks but also for master conveyors  (for which neither dock plates or dock boards are suitable). NOTE: edge of dock levelers have fixed positions which have restricted ranges making them unsutuable for nonstandard dock heights.

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