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Maximize efficiency and safety in your docking areas!

Warehouse docks serve as a critical access point for any storage facility. Dock equipment refers to all the material handling solutions used to assist with the loading and unloading of materials from trucks to buildings. These products are designed to maximize efficiency and safety in docking areas, improving your warehouse productivity!

At Atlantic Rack we carry a wide range of quality dock equipment to help improve your daily tasks and make your operations more efficient. Most of our docking equipment is usually in-stock and available for fast delivery or pick up.

  • Dock Seals & Shelters
  • Pit Dock Levelers
  • Edge-of-Dock Levelers
  • Vehicle Restraints
  • Steel Dock Boards
  • Laminated Dock Bumpers
  • Folding Gates
  • Dock Lamps
  • High Performance Doors
  • Fall Guard Doors
  • Bug Screen Doors

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    Loading Dock Equipment Solutions

    Dock Seals and Shelters

    Dock Seals & Shelters

    Dock seals and shelters protect workers and products from outside elements and enhances overall safety at the dock. Sealing the gaps around the truck trailers help control inside temperature and prohibits outside elements like rodents, bugs, birds, rain, snow, wind, dust and other intruders to enter your facility.

    Edge of Dock Levelers

    Edge-of-Dock Levelers

    Edge-of-dock levelers are permanent fixtures that bridge the gap between the edge of a loading area and a truck or ramp. They are mounted to the edge of a building wall to assist with loading/unloading trailers. Offered as mechanical or hydraulic operation, EODs are designed to bridge the height gap and allow forklifts and hand trucks to access the trailer.

    Dock Levelers

    Pit Levelers

    Also known as loading dock levelers, are safety devices that create a bridge between a loading dock and the back of a truck. They are permanently embedded in the building docks and when trucks arrive, the lip of the pit leveler extends to create a bridge between the dock and trailer. Available in mechanical or hydraulic operation.

    Loading Dock Truck Restraints

    Vehicle Restraints

    Also known as truck restraints or dock locks, prevent vehicles from separating from the dock during loading and unloading operations. They are important safety devices to prevent workers or forklifts from falling into the gap between the trucks and docks, causing serious injury or equipment damage.

    Steel Dock Board

    Steel Dock Boards

    Steel dock boards are temporary ramps that bridge the gap between a loading dock and a truck or container, allowing heavy machinery to move between the two. Constructed from reinforced steel, dock boards help create a smooth transition between the gaps, ensuring loads to be moved safely.

    Loading Dock Bumpers

    Dock Bumpers

    Dock Bumpers are a shock-absorbing device that can be attached to your docks to provide protection against vehicle damage to docks, buildings and cargo. This affordable solution is used to prevent costly accidents and recommended for facilities with medium to heavy traffic operations.

    Heavy Duty Folding Gates

    Folding Gates

    Also know as accordions, scissor, expanding or collapsible gates are designed to control access in receiving doors, docks and store fronts without affecting ventilation or visibility. They can be made of aluminum or steel and are used to secure doors, hallways, entrances or divide areas.

    Dock Lamps

    Dock Lamps

    Commonly known as docking lights, are used to illuminate dock areas, truck trailers and containers. Dock lamps reduce the risk of accidents and collisions in dock areas. They can be easily rotated and positioned to improve visibility and focus lighting in a specific area.

    High-Performance Doors

    High Performance Doors

    Commonly know as high-speed doors or roll-up doors are rapid shutters designed to open and close at high speed. They are very helpful to maintain controlled environments, keep areas separated and reduce cross contamination. Ideal for areas with high traffic, these doors help increase efficiency and safety.

    Loading Dock Fall Protection

    Fall Guard

    Fall Guard Doors are a fall protection solution that covers the full opening of a dock bay to reduce the risk of falling or objects rolling off. Usually made of durable materials and designed to be easy to deploy and safe to use.

    Bug Screen Doors

    Bug Screen Doors

    Bug Screen Doors are ideal for industrial spaces seeking ventilation without compromising cleanliness or security. This solution allows fresh air to access the facility while keeping birds, rodents, insects and other intruders out!

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