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High Volume, Low Speed HVLS Fans

High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) industrial ceiling fans are designed to circulate the air you need in your facility more efficiently and effectively. Typically measuring over 6 feet and up, these fans are meant to move air in large areas at the lowest cost.

These highly efficient, energy-saving fans are commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, airports, hangars, fitness centers, agricultural facilities and plenty other applications. Rotating at an optimized low speed, HVLS fans may reduce energy costs up to 50%, while regulating indoor temperatures and maximizing airflow to help machinery and people perform at their best!

HVLS Industrial Fans

Fans Up, Costs Down!

HVLS fans are an effective solution to your ventilation and air quality pitfalls. They will lower your high heating and cooling bills, decrease your energy usage, create a comfortable environment for your employees increasing their productivity levels, and fulfill the need for better ventilation.

Industrial Fans have the power to cool any industrial building, large or small. They help maintain temperature cool during summer and, during winter they can be used for destratification.

These fans are designed with the latest technology and innovation, moving air smoothly and quietly without disrupting your employees. They produce slow-moving columns of air that don’t kick up allergens or irritating dust or debris.

  • Help keep a clean environment.
  • Avoid employee fatigue.
  • Reduce dust.
  • Lower humidity.
  • Provide constant airflow.
  • Reduce strong odors.
  • Save energy.

Proud Authorized Dealers:

Hunter makes some of the most efficient fans in the world providing massive performance while using less power. Less power leads to lower operating cost and year-round savings for you. Save on energy usage compared to other HVLS fans and up to 12 times the air movement of conventional high-speed fans.

Why Hunter?

We’ve partnered with Hunter to provide you with the latest technology in industrial fans. So light you could bench press them. They move more air than the typical industrial ceiling fan, and they have eliminated all those high-maintenance parts. Installing them is a breeze and you can silently distribute air into every corner of your space. Offering lifetime warranty these fans are the best in the industry.

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