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Hunter Industrial Fans


We have partnered with Hunter to provide you with the latest technology in industrial fans. With Hunter Industrial’s high-volume, low-speed fans, you can silently distribute air into every corner of your space with business benefits that speak volumes.

  • Improve Productivity.
  • Save energy costs
  • Latest technology.

Fat Bottom Brewery Titan HVLS Fan Testimonial

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“The bottom line is improving your productivity while saving energy cost “

Energy Savings

Our HVLS fans are so light you could bench press them. They move more air than any other industrial ceiling fan on the market. The install’s a breeze, we eliminated all those high-maintenance parts, and our fan warranty is one of the best in the industry. No matter how you slice it, Hunter Industrial Fan products are 100 percent better for your business.


Material Handling

You have materials that need to be transported to a conveyor, crane, or truck—and you need to ensure these materials get where they need to be when they need to be there. Hunter Industrial fan products, including our Titan, ECO, and XP high-volume, low-speed ceiling fans, can effectively lower the temperature in your workplace by 10 degrees, making your employees more comfortable. And when your employees are more comfortable, they are more productive, and fewer mistakes are made, meaning your materials are well on their way to their destination.


Worried about product integrity? Hunter Industrial fans deliver air throughout your facility, regardless of obstructions like equipment and storage. And a more comfortable environment keeps workers safer and more productive. So… you don’t have to connect a lot of dots to get from healthier warehouse to happier wallet.

Food & Beverage Industry

Steady conditions—in your production, storage, and tasting areas—are crucial to the success of every batch. By delivering maximum airflow for pennies a day, restaurant and bar ceiling fans from Hunter Industrial help maintain an ideal temperature for workers, product, and patrons alike. Cheers to that.

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