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In the sunny state of Florida, Orlando is a fantastic city. While primarily known for its family entertainment venues, such as Disney World and the Universal studios theme parks, there is much more to the city. From a vibrant downtown to a healthy and robust industrial, technical and commercial center, Orlando leaves its mark on all who visit, work and live there.

It is home to the University of Central Florida, the second -largest university campus in the United States in terms of enrollment. Downtown Orlando boasts 19 skyscrapers, offering business, entertainment, commercial, retail and other options to tourists and residents. The lighted skyline in the dark of night is an attraction of its own.

With over 200 companies, both domestic and international, doing business from Orlando, the city is an internationally recognized center for technology, communication, innovation and commercial companies. Atlantic Rack serves the Orlando, Florida area and supports warehousing operations for a number of those companies, including NASA, UCF, Telemundo and Macys.

Atlantic Rack provides pallet rack systems for effective, efficient and cost-saving warehouse and distribution operations in centers across the city.

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We represent more than 150 manufacturers in the United States. Including Interlake Mecalux.

Selective Pallet Rack available in Orlando

Selective Pallet Rack

Available in Orlando

This type of racking is the most common and comes in two configurations, roll-in and structural. Both feature horizontal load beams attached to vertical supports. This type of racking works great for inventory with quick turnover due to its easy accessibility. This product is in stock in multiple sizes and capacities. For pricing please call us (407) 487 – 4333, we are certified Orlando Pallet Rack distributor.

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    Drive In Pallet Rack Orlando

    Drive-in Pallet Rack

    Available in Orlando 

    Otherwise known as drive-thru pallet racking, this setup allows forklifts to drive right into the pallet bays to pick up or place pallets. This results in fewer aisles and more storage place. Drive-in pallet racking has one entrance at one end of the bay, making the last pallet placed the first pallet to go out, making this ideal for last in first out (LIFO) inventory solutions. Drive-thru pallet racking has an entrance at each end of the bay to accommodate first in first out (FIFO) inventory styles.

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      Push Back Pallet Rack

      Available in Orlando. Backed by our engineering team with more than 60 years of combined experience.

      Another LIFO solution, push back racking utilizes carts on inclined rails to store pallets. The pallet is placed and then is pushed back by the following pallets. When the first pallet is removed, the others gently roll forward into the picking face, maximizing space and minimizing pick and load time. For pricing please call us (407) 487 – 4333 . Custom Systems Available.

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        Cantilever Rack Orlando

        Cantilever Rack

        Available in Orlando. Backed by our engineering team with more than 60 years of combined experience.

        Cantilever racking makes it easy to handle those hard to store loads. Long, bulky and misshaped loads, like pipe, timber, tires and similar materials are hard to stack, taking up significant floor space on your storage footprint. These shelving units, using inclined arms instead of full shelves to support product, allow you to store vertical as well as horizontal, both indoors and outdoors.

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          Pallet Flow

          Available in Orlando. Backed by our engineering team with more than 60 years of combined experience.

          Also called, gravity flow or dynamic flow, the pallet flow system is ideal for material with expiration dates. By producing an almost solid storage space, no square footage is wasted. Through careful design and consideration of the inventory style and floor plan, the system is set up to move pallets quickly with minimal movement of material handling equipment for quick delivery, loading and stocking. For pricing please call us (407) 487 – 4333 . Custom Systems Available.

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            With a large variety of industrial and commercial lockers, warehouse managers can provide safe and secure storage for their employees during their work day. Each is narrow, and vary in height and internal tier set up. Available In Orlando

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            Industrial & Light Duty Shelving

            Light shelving meets internal or small organizational needs, for supplies like office needs, cleaning and other items. Available in rivet racks, wire shelving, or steel shelving, Atlantic Rack offers a range of units to meet any business’s needs. Available in Orlando.

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