In Plant Offices

In plant offices allow you to add additional space and/or rooms within an existing facility. Inplant offices are engineered for easy installation and relocation while providing the structural integrity and strength of conventional construction, and this is what makes them a really appealing product. They can be designed in many ways such as single or two story, with non-load or load-bearing roofs, as well as in conjunction with a steel mezzanine, depending on the customer’s specific needs.

They can be completely taken apart, relocated and reassembled fairly quickly, for this reason they qualify as equipment.

Reasons to build one:

  • Looking for cost effective ways to increase your space for personnel or material storage needs.
  • Need flexibility and easy modification for future space requirements.
  • Want to take advantage of unused vertical space within facility.

Our In Plant Offices are manufactured bypanelbuilt_logo

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