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Understanding Magnetic Asset Tags

Warehouses get rearranged all the time. You need to make room for new inventory and your current setup no longer makes sense. But will rearranging inventory come rearranging asset tags. Most asset tags are only good for one use. Either they do not adhere well after the first use, or they fall apart due to their anti-tampering properties. There is a simple solution to having to rearrange asset tags, though. Magnetic asset tags are easily removable and can infinitely be relocated without falling apart or leaving unsightly residue on whatever surface they were previously stuck.

Benefits. In the warehouses of today where items are constantly being shipped out or moved, magnetic asset tags have many benefits. Magnetic asset tags eliminate confusion when products have to be temporarily located. With traditional asset tags, the product cannot easily take the tag with it when it moves. Just the opposite applies to magnetic asset tags. If a product is temporarily moved, its tag goes with it. Magnetic labels are also resistant to cleaners and chemicals like most other asset tags and can have color coding and graphics added to them for easier reading.

Features. Just like when you go about selecting any other type of asset labels, you should keep in mind the features that you need the labels to have in order to meet the needs of your warehouse. The magnetization pattern of the label should fit any shape of shelf or pole you need to place it on. The critical information on the label should be easy to read, and you should choose a material for the label that is durable. This ensures that your labels will last a long time—after all, you are choosing magnetic labels because you do not want to replace labels often.

Applications. Magnetic labels are intended to be used in areas where items are being relocated often. As most shelves and racks in warehouses are made of metal, magnetic labels are specifically designed for those areas. Even if you are changing barcodes often, magnetic labels are a good solution to traditional labels which do not remove cleanly from racks and shelves. This saves you even more time when you are moving labels since you do not need to worry about scraping stick residue from shelves. Overall, magnetic labels offer a clean solution to the warehouse setting—which can often come across as dirty and cluttered.