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Tips for a More Productive Warehouse

By January 3, 2020May 2nd, 2022Warehouse Productivity

All warehouse managers aim for the most productive warehouse staff possible. But there are many factors which go into creating a more productive warehouse including staffing, workloads, labor, and scheduling among others. As easy as it might be to change one of these factors, one change is likely to have an effect on the other factors. Or even worse, making a change at the wrong time could lower productivity rather than raise it. Here are tip for creating a productive warehouse without slowing down you staff in the process.

Choose the Right Manager. Good warehouse managers can be pricey to hire, but it will be worth it in the long run. A good warehouse manager will come with a plan and will be able to manage all aspects of the warehouse effectively. Your manager should constantly be looking for new procedures and new technologies to implement which will save money on day to day operations.

Talk to Your Staff. Ask your staff to think about their productivity on a daily basis. Ask them to consider how they can increase their productivity and how you can help them. Have a meeting with your staff at least once a month so they can voice these opinions to you or the warehouse manager. Your warehouse workers are experts in their field, so they know better than anyone what will help them improve their work. If you implement the ideas they come up with, the will be more excited because it was their idea and not their boss’s. You want your staff to be engaged in the work they do every day, and you want them to feel heard.

Know Your Needs. There is no one plan for productivity that suits all warehouses. You need to do research and take stock of the needs of your specific warehouse. Experiment with your needs and find something that works for you and improves the productivity of your specific warehouse.

Keep Things Moving. Warehouses today are seeing more technological advances than ever before. Implement those new advancements and teach employees how to use them and embrace them. Technology is here to help you out, so why would you not take advantage of it? Integrate new software to assist with taking inventory and use analytic software to predict the needs of your warehouse and to determine where you are wasting time and money.