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5 Ways Maintenance Software Helps Your Warehouse Run

Maintenance software is often associated with work order functions like scheduling and tracking work and logging asset history. However, maintenance software can also be used to manage all of the moving pieces of your warehouse. This type of system allows you to easily track inventory, supplies, and parts. Consequently, you can increase the efficiency of your warehouse. Here are 5 ways you can use maintenance software to help your warehouse run more smoothly.

Track Inventory. When one of the moving parts of your facility breaks down, your warehouse cannot afford to lose any more precious time between locating parts and fixing the machine. This is where proper warehouse management and maintenance comes into play. Maintenance software allows you to keep track of inventory online and easily locate the parts need to make repairs and check on their availability. In the long run, the maintenance software will save your time when an asset goes down in your warehouse.

Easily Order Parts. Maintenance software saves you time again when it comes to ordering parts. You can set up your software to automatically notify someone in logistics when it is time to order more parts and which parts to order. This reduces the risk of parts being out of stock when you most need them. There is also an option to purchase parts through the purchasing sections of your maintenance software so you can track all maintenance related activities at the end of the year within one system.

Optimize Stock Levels. Maintenance software helps you keep track of your stock levels to better understand what is available in your warehouse and what needs to become more available. You can also see which parts are not being used and could possibly stand to be removed from your warehouse to make room for more needed parts.

Utilize Barcodes. One of the easiest ways to keep track of the inventory of your warehouse is by using barcodes. You can scan your barcodes right into your maintenance software, and you can find the location of already scanned parts through the software.

Manage Inventory At Multiple Locations. If you have more than one location where you need to manage the inventory, it is nearly impossible to manage without maintenance software. With maintenance software, you can keep track of one site or another without physically being there. Communication across sites is then much easier and much more efficient because they can simply log in and check on what they need without bothering someone else.