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5 Warehouse Signage Tips

By May 21, 2018May 2nd, 2022Warehouse Safety

There is a lot to take into consideration when you are setting up a new warehouse. You have to worry about what types of racks you need, the technology you are using, how your racks will be arranged, you have to train your employees, and the list goes on. One important aspect of your warehouse you may put off until the last minute is your signage. Signs are an important part of a warehouse whether they are warning workers about hazards or marking off aisles. This means it is important to put some serious consideration into the design of your warehouse signs to ensure they are clear to who is reading them.

Work with Your Label Provider. If you have a professional who can assist you in designing your signage, utilize their services. Their expertise will ensure that you are picking the correct signs for your needs are not getting something you do not need. They may even be able to take care of the whole process from design to installation.

Determine Your Needs. Before you do anything, you need to make a map of your warehouse and determine where signs are needed, what kinds of signs are needed, and the lighting conditions of the areas where signs will be located. This will help you determine what your signs should look like and the specifications for the signs’ readability. The same goes for rack labels. Know where your rack labels will be placed and how they are going to be read by scanners.

Coordinate Signs with the Environment. Be sure the signs are legible in the lighting conditions of your warehouse and determine approximately how far away employees will be when they are trying to read the signs. Then you can determine the font and material the signs will be printed on. Your warehouse environment will also have an impact on labels for shelving. Get labels which will stand up to the conditions of your warehouse whether it is indoors or outdoors in the elements.

Select a Mounting Method. Some warehouse conditions could benefit from hanging signs which will be seen from long distances while others require signs to be mounted directly on pallet racks or machinery. Determine which mounting method is best for each sign before you begin the actual mounting process.

Prepare the Facility for Labeling. Clear all areas of dirt and dust where signs are to be mounted. The adhesive used to mount some types of signs will not adhere as well if there is some type of dirty coating on the surface where it will be mounted. Also be sure all of the equipment you need for mounting signs is readily available to you before you begin the process. This way the mounting process will go smoothly and with little avoidable interruption.