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Monitoring of Warehouse Equipment and Operations through Technology

By August 13, 2013May 2nd, 2022Uncategorized

This week’s Blog post is by our guest Erin Warbrook a freelance writer from Perth, WA who currently works as an OH&S manager in United Forklifts and Access Equipment, an Australian distributor of materials handling or access equipment, such as forklifts, scissor lifts or boom lifts.

Monitoring of Warehouse Equipment  Operations through Technology.

The practice of warehousing has been around for many years now. It all began when people started storing their food to avoid famine. Today, there are bigger warehouses and trucks with most of them possessing their own robots and automated procedures. It is all possible with the help of technology. Needless to say, technology is the key to the efficiency of both distribution and warehousing.
The trend is quite clear: many companies are now developing technology platforms that offer modernization and competitive advantage including software for warehouse management and other sectors such as freight, financials, transport, and shipping.

Keeping Track of the Tools of the Trade

Every warehouse should always be ahead of the curve to allow them to reduce costs and speed up their product flows. The tools are generally made up of robots, which are used to handle materials and large operations. There are also warehouses that have their own automated AS/RS systems or the Automated Storage and Retrieval, which can save a lot of floor space and labor. A reliable system can provide instant access to the needed information.

Technology has also enabled the tracking of layer forming palletisers, which are often utilized in applications requiring high speeds. Some may choose robotic palletisers because they are more flexible as they have the ability to handle several production lines simultaneously.

Forklifts are also needed in warehouse systems. Most of the automated warehousing processes use forklifts particularly in loading trucks. Many advanced companies use trucks that are equipped with radio frequency (RF). This will allow the truck operator to communicate information to the warehouse manager.

The main goal of monitoring warehouse and lift truck operations is to save time and effort without hurting the bottom line. This is where TRUCONNECT comes into the picture. TRUCONNECT is the ultimate service when it comes to monitoring and reporting remotely for lift trucks and warehousing processes. With this service, it is easier than ever to keep track of the trucks through online viewing. This way, no matter where you may be, you can access the actual use of your trucks remotely. It is therefore a great tool for scheduling, organising, and improving the lift truck fleet’s activities.

Benefits of the TRUCONNECT Technology

TRUCONNECT, in essence, is the tool for remote monitoring and recording of the pieces of equipment used in warehousing. This is what you need to gain better information that will ultimately be beneficial for the safety of the equipment. In addition, it provides you with data regarding your operating numbers and how long your equipment has been in your service. These are everything you need to plan for the future so that you can make better decisions regarding your efficiency and your productivity. As previously mentioned, you will gain online access where you can view the usage report of your equipment whenever you demand for it. You can also opt for the data to be emailed straight into your inbox at a predetermined schedule. TRUCONNECT is also customisable where you get to input “Safety Alerts” that will notify you if ever that particular event takes place.

Nowadays, one of the most important factors that affect the success of a warehouse is its visibility. Managers should know about the equipment used in the warehouse and the lift truck operators should also be aware of their vehicle’s usage. This is what TRUCONNECT is about since it enables the operators to optimize all their activities and avoid high maintenance costs. This tool also has the ability to provide data that can be used to manoeuvre the modernization of the equipment, or in this case, the lift trucks.

Technology has indeed gone a long way and TRUCONNECT is proof of that. With this remote monitoring and reporting tool, you can enhance both the safety and throughput of your entire warehouse.

Erin Warbrook’s job as a OH&S manager would have been much easier if she’d been able to use Truconnect! She is a freelance writer from Perth, WA.  All of the forklifts, scissor lifts and telehandlers at United Forklifts and Access Equipment are kept in check with new technology.