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Know the Benefits of Wire Decking

Wire Decking Systems

Wire decking is the most popular product that works with pallet rack systems. This solution is way stronger and more reliable than plywood or other support systems. It helps provide extra support, safety and other benefits to warehouse racks.

There are many styles, sizes and configurations of wire decks but they are all designed to fit the most common racking systems. Wire decks are very easy to install (they literally drop into place to fit the beams of the rack). Due to their wire mesh design, they allow high visibility through all the levels on the rack system.

Wire Decking Installation

Wire Decks are easy to install manually!

In addition to providing  protection from falling inventory, wire decks help improve air circulation in your facility and prevents dust built-up on stored materials. They also help increase overhead sprinkler effectiveness, allowing water to fall through the mesh holes in case of fire – most local fire codes require wire decks on racks.

Wire Deck Safety and Versatility

Wire decking also improves the versatility of your racks, allowing you to store your merchandise on more than just pallets. Boxes, bins and other products are commonly used to store on wire decking support.

Benefits of Wire Decking 

  • Offers extra support to your racking systems
  • More reliable than plywood or other support systems
  • Complies with strict fire legislation codes
  • Available in optional finishes like galvanized (for freezers and outdoors)
  • Strong support built for heavy loads
  • Custom sizes, styles and configurations that fits most common pallet rack systems
  • U-channel or flare channel for both step and box beams
  • Its mesh design increases visibility of your inventory from all levels
  • Without decking only full pallet loads can be stored
  • Easy to install (manually)
  • Improves rack storage versatility


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