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3 Tips to an Efficient Warehouse

Your warehouse is nothing if not efficient. If the operations in your warehouse are not running smoothly, it is time to take a step back and look at the goings on between your warehouse staff and your warehouse processes piece by piece to see where there is room for improvement. Here are 3 tips to keeping the processes in your warehouse running smoothly.

Know your Employees. Your main focus is to learn about the people and what their jobs entail. Engage with employees and find out what their jobs are, the responsibilities those jobs entail, and the journey they took to get that job. Look at the type of training they have had and be sure that training lines up with the job they are supposed to be doing. Make the decision as to whether or not your employees are equipped with the correct tools and training to carry out their jobs both efficiently and accurately. The process of going in, engaging with, and assessing your employees on the ability they have to perform their jobs is called an employee sustainability analysis.

Establish Accountability. The reason you are looking so deeply into the qualifications, training, and job descriptions of your employees is because it is necessary to establish accountability in the case something goes wrong in your warehouse. Often times, the job descriptions in warehouses, and many other business settings, are not updated as regularly as they should be. This leaves an area of question when it comes to taking care of problems when they arise as accountability may not be clearly designated in anyone’s job description, which in turn slows down the operations in your warehouse. Since every single job and process has a leader, you and said leader must know what is required of whomever is in that position.

Organize Your Warehouse Activities. Organize the goings on in your warehouse. Know how many people are supposed to be performing any job at any given time. Ensure that your people are doing the correct job wherever and whenever they are supposed to be doing it by placing benchmarks on who should be doing what and how much product should be moved in a certain amount of time. These benchmarks also need to be shared with your warehouse and trucking staff as they should know the goals they are intended to reach.