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How to Lift Front-End Sales with Gondola Shelving

By March 11, 2015May 2nd, 2022Uncategorized

Times have changed and retailers are looking for better ways to catch customers’ attention. What they want is a way to display their items in the most attractive manner possible. The only way that comes to mind is Gondola shelving. Gondola shelving has shown to be an effective method to attract customers to items. It lets retail stores create elaborate displays that scream, “We want attention.” The placement of the gondola shelving plays a huge role as well.

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Gondola shelving is placed in a location that catches the attention of bystanders from both sides. The strategic location of the shelves increases the store’s chances of selling an item and lifting their front-end sales. Here are others ways gondola shelving assists retailers lift up their front-end sales:

1.      Increases Sale of Items at the Checkout

Near the checkout counter, you need to place gondola shelving that features appealing items to entice people to purchase. The shelf needs to at eye-level, which is about four to five feet, but for maximum effect, it should be three to four feet. In doing so, it will add to eighty percent of all front-end sales.

2.      Illuminate Display to Increase Impulse Buying

These days, people have become too careful with their purchases. This poses a problem for a lot of retailers that are looking to reignite impulse buying. To increase impulse buying, you need to light up the display, directing people’s attention to picking out an item to purchase from it.

3.      Stock Popular Items

Figure out the items people purchase the most and stock the gondola shelves with them. This will increase the chances of them quickly spotting the item and buying it. Even if they try to avoid the item, it will be staring at them, beckoning them to purchase it. In most instances, they will give in to the urge and purchase it right off the bat.

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1.      Stock Items on Sale

Since gondola shelves are visible from both ends, you should display items on sale. Items that are on sale should be the first thing customers’ notice, as most customers love a good sale. The items priced at “buy one and get two free” need to be displayed on the gondola shelves. It will bring on a wave of impulse buying with customers noticing the items on sale as soon as they enter the store.

2.      Put Up Elaborate Signs

In order to make your gondola shelves even more eye-catching, you can put up elaborate signs, pointing to the items. Flashy signs with large and colored font will instantly capture the attention of a potential customer. Keep in mind that the sign should be able to catch people’s attention from afar.

If you are a retailer and facing a slump in sales, you need to equip your store with gondola shelves. They will assist you in lifting your front-end sales. If you want more information about gondola shelving, please contact Atlantic Rack.