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When is it The Right Time to Use a Drive in Pallet Rack System?

Pallet rack systems are the driving force behind warehouses, as without them, warehouses would be in disarray. Why are pallet racking systems so high in demand? The answer is simple, as without them, companies wouldn’t be able to function properly. Imagine going to a company’s warehouse and seeing workers shift through the clutter on the floor or shelves to find the material they are looking for in order to manufacture a product.

It wouldn’t be a sight that you would be able to erase from your mind easily nor will it be a thought any CEO or executive of a company would want to have. What is the solution to the mess?—A drive in pallet rack system.

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What is a Drive in Pallet Rack System?

Drive in pallet rack systems are storage rack configurations that allow the forklift to drive directly into the lane of stacked rows (called a bay). . Companies use drive in pallet rack systems to store large quantities of materials of the same stock keeping unit (SKU). A perfect construction of a drive in pallet system consists of at least four full bays times the depth of each bay, which enables it to achieve rotation. Companies that go for this option are those that need additional space to store all their pallets.

Drive in Pallet Rack Systems Optimize Space

Drive in pallet rack system optimizes space by 85%, which for companies, looking to store large quantities of the same material, is a profitable choice. To make thing easier for the workers to store and retrieve pallets, companies can choose between two different management systems, the drive in system and the drive through system.

The drive in system offers workers only one entry of access from one aisle whereas the drive through system offers entry of access from both sides of the aisle. Companies can choose between the two different drive-in systems by evaluating their needs.

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Does Your Company Require a Drive in Pallet System?

If your company has to store one type of product in large quantities, you should consider this pallet rack system. If your company’s products are required to remain under a controlled and constant freezing temperature, you should consider installing this pallet rack system in your warehouse.

If your company is in need of additional storage, this system is perfect of you. If the productivity of your workers is at an all time low, equipping your warehouse with this system can increase their productivity levels, as storing and retrieving pallets can be performed with ease. Lastly, if your company is looking for a less expensive solution to store its products, the drive in pallet is definitely what you are looking for.

Drive in pallet rack systems can handle heavy loads and perform well under harsh environmental conditions. That’s why they are an ideal solution for coolers, freezers, and distribution facilities.