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Cost Savings Generated by HVLS Fans

Macroair Fans

High temperatures in a warehouse environment pose high risks and deter productivity. Workers that are too warm are less productive and more apt to make mistakes. Dealing with less output and rework due to error increases the overall dollars spent in operating the facility. Combatting the temperature and its effects is not easy. Facility managers looking for a way to cool the workplace without raising costs can use High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans like MacroAir industrial fans. HVLS fans can save money in three major ways.

Improve Air Movement

HVLS fans de-stratify the air. As warm air rises, it creates layers of different temperatures. MacroAir industrial fans disrupt those layers, pushing cooler air and moving the stagnant air that is the cause of rising temperatures and personnel discomfort. That releases trapped heat and keeps temperatures consistent throughout the warehouse.

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Regulate Temperature

Unregulated temperatures is what drives the high cost of heating and cooling. The HVAC system kicks on at set points and runs until it meets that goal. Air conditioners can run all day to no avail unless the air is moving around the thermostats to tell the system to kick off. HVLS fans push a large column of cool air to the ground which is then redistributed through the open spaces, cooling the air at all levels. This allows the set point to be established at up to 15 degrees higher before the system would kick on while still providing increased comfort. By maintaining a comfortable temperature with adequate air flow, facility managers can reduce HVAC costs while providing employees a comfortable work environment and decrease their energy consumption and related costs.

Improve Cooling Efficiency

One of the challenges of the large warehouse space is to get the cool air to all parts of the building. Every warehouse has those “hotspots” where air flow does not seem to exist, creating a sweltering pocket of inactivity. Using HVLS fans, cooler air is distributed and exchanged along indirect routes from HVAC duct work, weaving it in smaller spaces and farther reach points to provide comfort and control in each part of the facility.

In the ongoing battle to reduce temperature related costs, addressing air movement first is a good idea. Installing MacroAir industrial fans is more cost effective than adding duct work and using more energy to cool remote areas of the warehouse. Strategically placed in your existing set up, they can make an instant impact in comfort with dollar saving results, reducing overall heating and cooling costs by up to twenty percent per year, allowing you to realized a quick return on investment.

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