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Maintenance and Noise Free Industrial Fans for Summer

By July 9, 2015June 3rd, 2022Industrial Fans
Silent HVLS Fans

In a warehouse, staying cool in the summer means it gets loud with industrial fans. You exchange uncomfortable temperatures for difficulty in hearing and communication. Heat, and your efforts to combat it, cost you money, productivity and time. But there is a solution.

High Speed Low Volume (HSLV) fans like those made by MacroAir are a cost effective means to circulate the air in your warehouse, creating cooling breezes amidst warm air vacuums and converting them into comfortable working environments in every corner of your facility.

A Revolutionary Motor

MacroAir Fans created a direct drive motor that is three times smaller yet five times more powerful than conventional DC motors used in the market. Such gear-driven motors use copper wire wrapped around the motor poles, creating a grinding noise on top of the whir of the fan blades. The MacroAir motor is a gearless motor with just two moving parts. It uses a simple copper ring and four times more poles than a DC motor, delivering a forty percent improvement in efficiency. With the increase in the number of poles, they are also able to produce fifty percent more horsepower than conventional fans.

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Reduced Maintenance

Because there are fewer moving parts, there are fewer things that can break. A conventional fan has approximately thirty moving parts than can malfunction, wear out or require repair. The life and reliability of a MacroAir fan is dramatically increased, reducing your maintenance and replacement costs significantly. Even installation is easier and safer as the innovations included the added benefit of reducing the weight of each fan by one hundred and fifty pounds.

Whisper Quiet

Noise is constant in a warehouse environment with forklifts on the move, pallet jacks transitioning stock, trucks arriving, unloading, loading and departing again, as well as communication between co-workers, phones ringing, blocking and bracing and all the rest of the noise generated by an active and engaged workforce.

With only two moving parts, MacroAir Fans have no gear box or associated mechanical parts, reducing the noise generated by the fan to that of the breeze itself. They are the quietest fans on the market, even at maximum rotations per minute (RPM) while providing swirling, cooling, and layer disrupting air.

Effective and Efficient

All of this also translates into reduced costs. No maintenance is required. They reduce your energy needs by lowering the effective temperature by up to eight degrees.  The circulating air, pushed down as a cool air funnel, disturbs the warm layers that build as the temperature rises. The unique pattern distributes air into every corner of the building, not just open spaces.

MacroAir HVLS fans, powered by their innovative gearless motor, give managers and owners the ability to save money on maintenance and energy costs while providing their employees with a safe, comfortable and productive work environment.