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Macroair Industrial Fans


We have partnered with Macro Air “Engineers of air” to provide you with the latest technology in industrial fans. Macro Air fans are also the most effective way to improve your warehouse productivity by creating a comfortable environment for your employees. In addition, Macro air fans can save you up to 20% of your energy costs by using less power than a regular industrial ceiling fan.

  • Improve Productivity.
  • Save energy costs up to 20%.
  • Latest technology.

Experience the most efficient, most powerful, smartest HVLS fan on the market.

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“The bottom line is improving your productivity while saving energy cost “

Energy Savings

HVLS fans already save a ton of money over conventional heating and cooling solutions. But MacroAir 6ixBlade™ technology takes them even further by increasing fan performance with much less energy. At only 1hp, it costs less then 15¢ an hour to run a MacroAir 20′ fan. And since you won’t run your HVAC as frequently, the energy savings can really add up. One customer wrote he’d saved almost 70% on his monthly HVAC costs.



Warehouse Retail



Sports Centers

Public Markets

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