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Why Equipment Fails

Like many or even most other industries, the warehousing industry relies heavily on the equipment it uses. It takes dozens of machines and thousands of working parts to make a warehouse run properly and smoothly. Year after year the equipment used becomes more elaborate, technologically advanced, and resilient to breakdowns. But it still does break down almost like clockwork. The effects of failed equipment can prove catastrophic for your business. Not only does it take time for your employees to repair broken down equipment, but it also can cost tremendous amounts of money to replace equipment which cannot be repaired. Here are the top 3 reasons why equipment tends to fail even in this day and age and how you can prevent you equipment from failing time after time.

Improper Operations. You must start by operating your equipment to its exact specifications. Heavy equipment is not calibrated to be handled any other way than what is instructed by the manufacturer, so when you operate it in any other way, damage is done. Be sure your employees are operating your equipment to the correct speed, quality, and rate among other variables. In addition, it should go without saying that your operators should be receiving the correct training for the equipment they are handling and receiving it often.

Lack of Preventative Maintenance. Preventative maintenance could possibly be one of the most important factors in keeping your equipment running properly. Often times, employees wait for the machine to break down before it is repaired. This is not the best way to keep your machine healthy. Preventative maintenance should be performed regularly on every machine. Yes, it takes time out of operations more frequently, but it takes away nowhere near the amount of time needed to repair or even completely replace damaged equipment. If you go to check and test your equipment regularly, you can fix a problem before it even becomes a problem.

Misunderstanding the Impact of the Above 2 Problems. You need to realize how important it is to operate and maintain the machinery properly. All too often, the importance of proper maintenance is over looked and underappreciated until disaster strikes and a machine is destroyed. Ensure that your warehouse managers and maintenance workers know the importance of keeping up with and staying ahead of the machines. In the end, the more attention you pay to your equipment, the less money you will spend in repairs.