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5 Ways to Use Asset Tags

Asset tags carry with them numerous benefits which can help your warehouse run more smoothly. They allow for more visibility of assets and make it easy to get information on an item in your warehouse. Asset tags can do more than just keep track of the items in your warehouse, though. Here are 5 ways to use asset tags alongside your asset tracking software.

Easy Audits.  Using a barcode reader, you can easily scan your items at regular intervals to keep stock of everything which should be in your warehouse. With each scan, you receive information about the item such as the last person to use it and the location it was used last. This helps you when an item goes missing and helps prevent theft. You can also find misplaced items and determine whether or not you are paying for the maintenance of an item which is not currently in your warehouse.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance. Machinery which goes down costs you time and money to fix. Rather, use asset tags to make it easy from employees to see when preventative maintenance should be performed on a machine. This helps you lower downtimes and keep work uninterrupted.

Status Checks. There are pages of information about the identity of items all throughout a warehouse or even an entire company. If an item shows up in your warehouse and you do not know where it belongs, barcodes can make it easy for you to locate the owner of an item without having to scroll through pages of paperwork to see who it belongs to. Let’s say an item came back to you with missing parts. Simply scan the item to find out who was the last person to check it out and return it incompletely.

Mobile Apps. Connecting your assets to software allows you to also connect them to mobile apps. This way you can keep all of your records safe while you are using assets out in the field and away from a computer. You can also easily update the status of an item and save yourself work for when you get back to the warehouse.

Inventory Control. Limit overstocking and stock expirations by keeping a better handle on your inventory. As keeping track of inventory can be tedious, it makes sense to use a barcoding system to more easily manage your assets. The ability to conform you asset tags to any system makes taking inventory and ordering items quick and painless.