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What is the Relationship between Pallet Rack Systems and Productivity?

By May 18, 2015May 2nd, 2022Uncategorized

Running an organized and productive warehouse is not possible without pallet rack systems. If you are in the business of lending your warehouse for use to different organizations, it becomes increasingly more necessary to equip your warehouse with pallet rack systems.

Your business will only prosper when you utilize the available storage space, putting it to its maximum use. If you fail to equip your warehouse with sturdy and high quality pallet racks, you will suffer from loss of profit, which in your business, is something that you need to avoid at all costs.

By employing pallet racks, you will be fostering the relationship between pallet rack systems and productivity.

Signs of Decreased Productivity in the Warehouse

You might say that you already have a system in place. According to you, the system works fine. Answer this question; has your warehouse passed 85 percent utilization level? If it has, it is evident that your productivity is not where it should be. Here are some other signs of decreased productivity in the warehouse:

  • Overcrowded shipping and receiving docks
  • Products placed in operating aisles
  • Placing several different pallets or SKUs in storage locations, causing a delay in taking them out and putting them back for workers

If the above information is true for you, you have a problem that you need to address.

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Pallet Rack Systems are the Solution to the Problem

Pallet rack systems let you use the entire length, height, and breadth of the warehouse to ensure that no space goes to waste. In return, it lets you store multiple pallets in a neatly and organized manner.

In some instances, businesses are able to double the storage space, making room for additional storage. Moreover, you can contact a company to provide you with custom tailored rack systems, especially manufactured to outfit your warehouse.

Impact of Pallet Rack Systems with Productivity

Having an overcrowded warehouse will affect the amount of time a warehouse employee will spend fulfilling an order or finding specific products. When Pallet Rack Systems are used, this type of situations can be avoided if the right system is used, reducing the time an order is fulfilled, therefore allowing an employee to fulfill more orders in the same or less time than before, increasing productivity significantly. The same thing applies to products misplaced in operating aisles and placing several different pallets or SKU’s in storage locations, when using a Pallet Rack System, products will be stored at a specific location and operating aisles will serve for their legitimate purpose, to mobilize inventory efficiently.

Suggestions—Equip Your Warehouse with the Following Pallet Rack System

The right type of Pallet System depends on your business needs. Do you manage a lot of the same SKU’s? Then a Drive-In Pallet Rack System will be ideal for increasing productivity in your warehouse. Do you manage a diversified inventory with hundreds of different SKU’s? Then a Selective or Standard Pallet Rack system will be ideal for your business model. It is imperative to identify which type of system will give you and your business the most benefits. That’s were Atlantic Rack expert service team can guide you, determining what type of pallet rack system will have the greatest positive impact on your productivity.

If you want more information about pallet rack systems, please contact us.

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