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Improving Your Cold Storage Warehouse with AS/RS

By June 21, 2019May 2nd, 2022Warehouse Productivity

Workers in a refrigerated warehouse know that even in the summer, they have to sip on hot coffee and wear insulated gloves to survive the work day. Sitting next to a heater, seeing their breath, and having a numbing sensation in more than one of their digits are all also within the realm of possibilities.  With the rising need for refrigerated storage, warehouses need even more space and more workers to brave the frigid temperatures. Hiring more workers to help meet the demands of your goods costs you money in areas where systems to save money could instead be implemented. There is a solution to supplement the number of workers you would need in an expanding, refrigerated warehouse while still saving money. An automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) can decrease labor costs and help you run a more efficient warehouse not only in the area of labor but also the cost of keeping your warehouse at a consistent temperature.

Labor Reduction. AS/RS is suitable to operate in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you do not have to worry about as many workers being exposed to the frigid conditions of your warehouse. AS/RS can work continually without needing a break to warm up. Though you do not want to completely eliminate your warehouse labor force, you will significantly reduce the problems your workers face while they are continually exposed to sub-zero environments. An AS/RS also needs less room than employees to operate, leaving your remaining workers a much smaller and more workable space to navigate throughout the day.

Inventory. Actively supervising the status of your inventory is of the highest priority in your warehouse. With an AS/RS, your inventory can be improved up to 99.9% as well as reduce shipping errors. In addition to improved accuracy, your space for inventory can be increased as the system needs less room to operate.

Increased Efficiency. When it comes to cold or frozen storage, workers are constantly opening and closing doors, causing the temperature inside the warehouse to fluctuate. By adding an AS/RS, you reduce the need for so many employees to constantly open and close doors. Implementing this type of system—since it needs little room to operate—will allow more space for storage and reduce your energy costs due to less wasted space and less need to cool large open areas.