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Improve Warehouse Communication

By May 7, 2018May 2nd, 2022Business, Warehouse Productivity

Communication with your employees is vastly important when it comes to having a well-run warehouse. Often times though, managers struggle to keep good communication practices with their employees. Some people attribute it to just inherently having bad communications skills, but like any other skill it can bNoe learned and improved over time. If you implement the right communication techniques, you will have a better working relationship with your employees and your warehouse will function better. Take these 5 communication techniques into consideration if you are having a hard time interacting with your employees.

Plan Ahead. On Monday morning or Sunday night, think about what will be going on in your warehouse over the next week. Your employees probably do not like it when your spring surprises on them, so take that into consideration. Try to make an announcement at the beginning of the week if you are having contactors visit the warehouse, installing a new piece of equipment, expecting a big shipment to go out, or expecting any other occurrences that might throw off the work patterns of your employees.

Make Time for Feedback. Set aside a time designated for your team to get together and share any news or feedback on the goings on in your warehouse. Make it clear that their opinions and experiences matter and that you are listening to what they have to say. Their information of what is going on on the floor is valuable for you to make improvements and changes. Just be sure this feedback time is a regular event and never gets missed or pushed aside.

Talk It Out. Some complaints do not warrant an immediate response. Some employees are just frustrated and need to figure out their problems for themselves, but first they need to vent about it. Know when it is your time to give a response and when you should hold on to your thoughts and just be there to hear a problem. They may come back to you later looking for a solution.

Cut Back on Emails. Many benefits come with speaking to your employees face to face rather than communicating with them through email. Oversaturating employee’s inboxes with emails make devalue the emails you send. Save emails for information which is important and actually needs their attention. Face to face interactions help solve issues quicker as you do not need to deal with frustrating back and forth emails. Your conversations can also take on a new dimension when you speak in person and have an actual conversation.

Be Polite and Patient. Do not make ideas from your employees seem stupid and do not make them feel like they do not know what they are talking about. Respond to your employees in a positive and constructive way so as not to discourage them. You want them to feel free to come to you will what they have to say, so make yourself approachable and open to comments.