Vertical Carousels

Vertical carousels maximize space in a warehouse, storing products up to ceiling height while improving security, ergonomics and picking accuracy.

Vertical carousels are the space-saving, organizational solution for warehouses in any industry. Atlantic Rack’s vertical carousels are fully automatic storage systems using bars or trays that move up and down to store items while increasing storage capacity, improving picking accuracy and providing a more ergonomic handling of goods by employees.  They work for varying products in different environments and provide a myriad of additional benefits.

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Optimize Floor Space by Using Ceiling Height

Vertical carousels allow you to use all three dimensions of a space – length, width and height. If you have twenty foot ceilings in your warehouse, you can purchase a vertical carousel of corresponding height. If it has a width and length of twelve feet each, its traditional space utilization would be 144 square feet. With a vertical carousel, that would increase to 2,880 square feet!

Dense Packing

You can purchase a vertical carousel with storage bins, racks, bars, shelves, locking containers, separated drawers and much more. You can store anything from roofing nails to jet engines in a vertical carousel, accessing your chosen product by typing in a location on the keyboard. The fully automated system rotates that location down to the user, enabling picking with ease.

Easy Picking

There is no more reaching up, down, or sideways on a ladder or suspended in a bucket. Instead of the employee going to the product, the product comes to the employee with two feet firmly on the ground, and at a height that eliminates the type of lifting that leads to back injury. The vertical carousel can be programmed to stop at any height, also allowing forklift access to the rotating shelf.

Reduced Safety Risk

By creating a more ergonomic environment, the business manager or owner greatly reduces the risk of injury to his or her employees. Productivity is also increased by working smarter and not harder. Instead of roaming a warehouse from location to location, an employee stands in one spot, able to pick tens or hundreds of products while remaining in a single position.

More Accurate Inventories

One of the most common mistakes found in inventory management is inaccurate locations. Employees misplace pieces and parts in wrong locations in the warehouse, transposing numbers or misinterpreting the storage requirements. A vertical carousel eliminates those issues. An employee can tell right away if he or she has entered the wrong location code or packaged it wrong as the drawer or rack swings down. Employees are also able to provide a more reliable count during inventories since they are not distracted by twisting, turning, looking and moving boxes around on a traditional shelf.

Product Control

One of the greatest benefits of a vertical carousel is the ability to assign employee access codes. For every item removed to fill an order or added to inventory, the system will register which employee accessed the location. Errors are easier to track and the possibility of unidentified theft is virtually eliminated. Systems like this are in use for Navarro Discount Pharmacies in Miami, as well as local cruise line repair sites, to keep an eye on valuable inventory.

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Vertical carousels address a number of warehouse storage needs. Selecting the right one for your establishment can save time and money, providing a quick return on investment and smoother operations. Atlantic Rack offers different types of vertical carousels:

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