Sling Goods Vertical Carousel

Using a vertical carousel to store sling goods keeps cylinders clean and protected while improving the safety and productivity of your work force.

Vertical carousels are an excellent option in storage and distribution environments to make the most of space and workforce production, especially for goods that are difficult with which to work. Sling goods are traditionally hard to store and handle. Their odd shape, long tubes and weight pose challenges to minimizing damage, protecting their surfaces and being easily accessible when needed. Using a vertical carousel solves that dilemma while maximizing use of valuable space as the vertical lift module reduces the footprint and eliminates the need for additional handling equipment.

Storing slings goods on a vertical carousel saves space and improves efficiency by delivering cylinders and similar product quickly and efficiently to the operator.

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Sling Goods Vertical Carousel Features

Durable nylon slings suspend the cylinders away from objects that could damage them. The chain path of the vertical carousel moves slowly as to not jar the cylinders as they revolve to the user. The user has the ability to cycle through the stored cylinders until he or she finds the one needed for manufacturing or print operations.
Vertical carousels take up 70% less floor space than traditional storage and still store the same amount of inventory. This gives the facility much more room to operate, store more product, increase manufacturing or production space and ship goods in and out of the building.
Vertical carousals can also be enclosed, requiring employee log in to operate and add or remove goods. This provides additional security measures on high dollar items, as well as provides a tracking mechanism to resolve inventory errors.

Sling good vertical carousels Applications

Sling good vertical carousels are particularly effective in the printing and textile industries. They can store up to 12,000 pounds total with 1,200 pounds per position. Hard to handle materials revolve to the user, enhancing productivity and reducing the risk of injury. Cylinders are also protected from the scratches and dents that come with traditional pallet storage as no other product comes in contact with it. They are faster to find and retrieve as well since the worker does not have to walk up and down aisles from location to location to discover the cylinder they need.

Sling Goods Vertical Carousel Control Panel Operation

Sling good vertical carousels are very easy to use. There are two types of control panels. In one option, a simple push button rotates the cylinders up and down. The employee visually locates the product and stops the rotation when in an accessible position. This may or may not require a turnkey stop/start. The turn key is an additional security measure that prevents the carousel from moving in case one of the buttons is accidentally pressed.
The other control panel contains a key pad. Each cylinder in the vertical carousel is assigned a location. The user inputs the location number on the key pad. The fully automated carousel revolves until that location is in the picking position. Each location can be programmed with its own optimum picking position, making it easier for manual or equipment assisted handling.

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