Using a Vertical Carousel for Tires

Tires on a vertical carousel are stored safely and securely while making it easier for employees to locate the right tire and handle with ease.

Tire vertical carousels rescue valuable floor space by slotting many tires per shelf in an upright cube, holding them motionless and protected while making the right size easy to locate. Employees no longer have to hunt for the right size tire in a big pile. Instead, they enter the location of the tire size and the carousel rotates the shelf, or gondola, to the level needed to pick the tire.

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Vertical Carousel for Tires Features

A tire vertical carousel is squarer than other vertical lift modules, allowing evenly distributed storage and weight. Shelves are adjustable so that the tires are held tight and crossbars prevent rolling during carousel movement.  They come in height ranges of 16 to nearly 24 feet, allowing workshops and retail outlets to make the most of available parts room space.  They can hold up to 12,000 pounds on twelve foot wide shelves.

Each carousel can hold several different size tires as well. Separate storage areas are not needed for larger tires than smaller tires. The shelves or gondolas can be adjusted for differences in inventory, stocking a new size of tire, or eliminating a brand.

Control Panel

The control panel is easy to use. With a turnkey function, the employee turns the key to activate the carousel, then either enters the location into the keypad or uses the up/down buttons to rotate the correct gondola or shelf into position. Once in place, the employee turns off the key to prevent the carousel from moving, grabs the tire and goes about their assigned duties.  All control panels also come with an emergency stop button, halting the carousel in its path immediately if necessary.

Vertical Carousel for Tires Applications

Tire handling vertical carousels are a time-saving fully automated storage technology for commercial and internal repair shops and retail outlets. They allow employees to quickly find the correct size tire and handle it safely, eliminating much of the bending, turning and twisting that accompanies moving awkward, large and heavy tires.

Vertical Carousel for Tires Accessories

There are several add-ons that you can purchase for a tire vertical carousel to enhance its use and applicability to your workshop or warehouse.  For instance, purchasing a tire gondola provides easy access for most size tires.  There are three sizes:

  • A small gondola holds 14-20” diameter tires.
  • A medium gondola holds 20-28” diameter tires.
  • A large gondola holds 28-33” diameter tires.

The additional purchase of a tire spike secures tires that are in a less than full gondola so that they do not move, tip over or roll during carousel operation.  There is also an inventory management software and secure employee login module available for purchase to increase security and accountability.

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