Using a Vertical Carousel for Garments

Using a garment vertical carousel in your operation allows you to make the most of your space while making it easier for employees to track, store and work with the garments.

A vertical carousel is a an automated storage system that maximizes storage capability through rotating bars that move to the user instead of the user going to a series of horizontal racks. There are vertical carousels made especially for garments. The bars move along a chain path, rotating the garments to the user position, making it easier to reach, grab, store, stock, select and ship garments according to your critieria – size, shape, color, type and much more.

A garment vertical carousel accommodates a huge variety of clothing while increasing storage, efficiency and the health and safety of the workplace.

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Vertical Carousel for Garments Features

Vertical carousels for garments can be adjusted to accommodate garments of different sizes, weights, materials and types. The bars inside move up and down, allowing you set them for shirts, pants, dresses and other clothing. Once locked into place, the bars will rotate down to the user as the location is entered or the right rack revolves into position.
Because the garment vertical carousel is so adaptable, it is an efficient way to store uniquely-shaped products without increasing the storage area footprint. It also eliminated the need for special or extra loading equipment as employees can work with it in one spot, bringing the product to them instead of the other way around.

Vertical Carousel for Garments Applications

The high storage capacity of a garment vertical carousel gives it several possible applications or uses. They can be used in factory warehouses to store product until it is packed for shipping. Laundromats can use them to store or move dirty and clean garments through the facility, separated by customer or type, to ensure accuracy. Retail facilities can also use them to store product in the back room, making it easy to restock particular sizes or styles throughout the day or look for something based on customer request.

Vertical Carousel for Garments Accessories & Control Panel

The control panels for garment vertical carousels are easy to use. The standard control plan has a up/down switch to revolve the bars around the employee. The employee visually checks as product comes into view, looking for what they need. If the employee knows the location of the product bar, he or she can enter into the keypad. The carousel will automatically rotate that bar into picking position for the employee. There are also key pad options with a turnkey. The turnkey is a security feature that keeps the carousel from rotating if the up/down button or switch is accidentally pressed. In order for the bars to revolve, the key must be turned to the “on” position. Once the employee is done working with the product, he or she turns off the key.
You can also purchase accessories, such as a garment protector, for the vertical carousel. The garment protector secures the garments from the side as well, reducing possible movement and swing from side to side as the machine rotates. You can also purchase accompanying software for inventory tracking and bar code scanning capability.

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