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Techniques to Maximize Warehouse Efficiency

By November 20, 2019May 2nd, 2022Warehouse Productivity, Warehouse Safety

Take Advantage of Forward Space. Forward space is the area used for products which ship out quickly and are not stored in the warehouse for long amounts of time. Designating areas for items like this will save you money in the long run as the items can easily be reached in a short amount of time.

Implement Proper Zoning. Proper zoning ensures that items are placed in the most efficient area possible. This can have to do with the size of the item and its accessibility from the aisle, it can be determined by the popularity of an item. You should think about zoning when placing orders for items and have a strategy in place for unloading different types of items.

Include Proper Space for Each Warehouse Task. If there is not enough space to perform each task a warehouse requires, your floor will soon become congested and will slow down. Be sure there is ample space for each task to operate independently.

Go All Out for Safety. Do not skip on your warehouse installments. Cheap racks and beams are hazardous and can cause problems in the long run. A safer warehouse is able to operate more smoothly because you reduce the risk of employees and operations being slowed down.

Have a Focal Point. Ensure that your customers and guests know where they are going, even if it is their first time in the warehouse. Have a service desk or office in place to avoid people wandering into areas where they should not be or are not allowed in.

Provide Space Between Aisles. If you are in the process of laying out your warehouse, be sure your plans include plenty of space for machinery to operate between aisles. Nothing is worse than an employee going to pick an item with a forklift and finding out they do not have enough space to retrieve the item either due to a sharp bend or other items stacked in the way.

Plan for the Future. It is always great when your business grows, but you do not want to be caught without the proper space for your business to grow. Take future growth into account when you are setting up your warehouse and avoid the headache later on.