About TSS Corp

Top Shipping Systems Corp (TSS Corp) stands as a global logistics powerhouse, providing comprehensive services for managing import and export procedures across various means of transportation, including land, air, and sea. With its main office located in Miami, Florida, TSS Corp leverages its extensive human and material resources to offer a wide range of services, such as air and ocean transportation, cargo insurance, inland freight, warehousing and distribution, custom brokerage, and more. A notable service is their Foreign Trade Zones program, which offers significant advantages like duty and excise tax exemptions, relief from inverted tariffs, and enhanced security measures, facilitating a level playing field for international trade decisions. TSS Corp’s commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction is evident in their promise of a rapid response time and their ability to navigate complex logistics challenges with ease.

TSS Corp also distinguishes itself with a focus on technological innovation, ensuring real-time cargo tracking and seamless supply chain management. Their dedication to sustainability and ethical practices in logistics underscores their role as a forward-thinking partner in the dynamic landscape of global trade.

TSS Case study

The Situation

As TSS Corp’s international footprint widened, the complexities of handling an increasingly diverse and voluminous inventory began to strain their existing storage capacity. To preserve their esteemed efficiency and adapt to a broader range of logistics demands, TSS Corp sought out Atlantic Rack’s expertise. Their goal was to implement a cutting-edge, customized warehouse solution that would expand their storage capabilities, enhance organization, and streamline the entire distribution process to support their scaling operations.

Selective Pallet Racks

TSS Corp’s strategic alliance with Atlantic Rack was catalyzed by their escalating operational demands, necessitated by an ever-expanding global market presence. A pivotal relocation to a larger warehouse initiated this transformation, where Atlantic Rack’s expertise was instrumental. They introduced Selective Pallet Racking, with impressive heights of 36 and 42 feet, dramatically increasing TSS Corp’s vertical storage capabilities. This key development was designed not only to address current inventory requirements but also to anticipate future growth, ensuring scalability and adaptability in TSS Corp’s logistical operations.

TSS Corp
TSS Corp

End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors

Complementing the primary racking solution, Atlantic Rack implemented additional safety and prevention measures within the TSS Corp’s new warehouse. End-of-Aisle-Rack Protectors were installed to minimize the risk of forklift damage, enhancing operational safety and preventing costly accidents that may occur in the future. Accidents happen all the time in warehouse were forklift traffic is high, so Atlantic Rack recommended TSS to secure their racking investment by installing Rack Protection Equipment, guaranteeing the longevity of their racks and inventory.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racking systems were also incorporated at the racking aisle entries. This solution solved a specific need TSS had to store their STEEL DOCK BOARDS when unused and getting them out of the floor, allowing forklift traffic to flow more efficiently.

TSS Corp
TSS Corp

Folding Gates

Lastly, the security of the logistics hub was strengthened with the installation of Heavy-Duty Steel Folding Gates across docks and entry points, allowing for secure yet flexible access control without obstructing visibility or airflow. These additives have fine-tuned TSS Corp’s warehouse functionality, aligning with their commitment to continual improvement and logistical excellence.