About Broward Meat & Fish

Broward Meat and Fish Company, established in 1991 in Lauderdale Lakes, epitomizes a neighborhood butcher shop and seafood market devoted to serving the diverse South Florida community. Their core values revolve around providing fresh food, Caribbean and international specialties, and personalized service. The store’s offerings extend beyond fresh meat, seafood, and produce to include groceries, frozen foods, hot prepared dishes, deli meats, and cheeses, catering to a wide range of culinary needs.

With a focus on fresh food, including unique offerings like fresh goat and oxtail, whole hogfish snapper, and island produce like yams and scotch bonnet peppers, Broward Meat and Fish Company provides everything needed for traditional, home-cooked meals.

Broward Meat and Fish Company is dedicated to delivering a wide selection of local, Caribbean, and international foods, with over 60% of their floor space devoted to meats, seafood, and produce. This commitment, paired with their attentive customer service, has made them a beloved cornerstone of the South Florida culinary scene.

Broward Meat and Fish

The Situation

As the Company faces expansion, the need for efficient cold product storage and distribution becomes a more significant challenge. A bustling neighborhood supermarket known for its high-quality produce and friendly service, finds itself at a pivotal moment. With a growing customer base and increasing demand for fresh sourced food, the management has decided to embark on an ambitious expansion project: open a 35,000 sq-ft location in Margate, Florida. The goal? To create a modern, spacious shopping environment that not only accommodates the influx of shoppers but also enhances their overall storage capacity for fulfillment and distribution purposes.

To address this challenge, Broward Meats turned to Atlantic Rack for a tailored solution requesting a high-end product that would support the need for an efficient cold storage material handling solution.

The Solution

After analyzing the project with the customer, Atlantic Rack decided that hot-dip galvanized selective pallet racks would be the best storage solution for Broward Meats & Fish Supermarket. Specifically designed for harsh environmental conditions such as cold storage & outdoors, these racks provide anti-rust and longevity properties, making them ideal for storing perishables in freezer and cooler temperatures.

Broward Meat and Fish Company opted for Atlantic Rack’s Galvanized Selective Pallet Racks to optimize their cold storage needs. This choice was driven by the racks’ durability and anti-rust properties, ideal for their cold storage and freezer requirements. Hot-dip galvanized selective pallet racks are specifically designed for cold storage, coolers, freezers, and outdoor use; they offer a robust solution that can withstand the demanding conditions of environment. This contrasts with traditional pallet racks, which may not offer the same level of protection against rust and deterioration in cold and wet conditions, leading the Company to have to replace racks more frequently and incurring in more expenses along the years.

The galvanized selective pallet racks provided by Atlantic Rack offer Broward Meat and Fish Company a long-lasting and reliable storage solution, crucial for maintaining the quality and freshness of their products. The racks’ ability to withstand the rigors of cold storage environments ensures that Broward Meat and Fish Company can continue to deliver high-quality products to their customers with confidence.

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