About The Elite Flower Group

Elite Flower has seen immense growth since its inception in 1991, evolving from a modest rose grower in Colombia to a leading global floral company. Now boasting close to 2000 hectares of cultivation area, it nurtures over 1,000 floral varieties spread across more than 75 product lines worldwide. The organization emphasizes innovation in its field, implementing advanced automation, logistics, and processing methods to ensure the freshness and quality of its products. Committed to sustainability, Elite Flower integrates eco-friendly practices into its operations, embracing green initiatives such as carbon capture and solar energy investments. As a forward-thinking player in the floral market, Elite Flower’s journey showcases its adaptability and strategic moves in an ever-evolving industry.

Today, Elite Flower blossoms into one of the largest and more innovative floral organizations in the World. They have continued to cultivate breakthrough developments in automation, logistics, and processing, to ensure ultimate freshness of their products without compromising  sustainability practices.

Elite Flowers

The Situation

As Elite Flower’s business flourishes, the complexity of managing an ever-expanding inventory becomes more complex, prompting the need for sophisticated storage solutions. The company sought to maintain its renowned efficiency and quality service whilst the growing variety of products and the logistical intricacies they present. These challenges leads them to partner with Atlantic Rack, seeking innovative, tailored solutions to streamline their storage, improve organization, and facilitate more efficient distribution, ultimately enhancing their service delivery and operational workflow.

Elite’s Flower vast warehouse had a large hand-picking section being underutilized with only 6ft tall selective pallet racking. The vertical space of this fragment of the warehouse remained unused. Atlantic Rack proposed to construct a 3-floor structural mezzanine. These elevated platforms would transform the dormant airspace into a bustling hub of productivity.

The Solution

Elite Flower’s adoption of the three-level structural mezzanine is a strategic initiative, enhancing their distribution strategy to keep pace with their expansive growth and diverse floral inventory. The chosen storage system, featuring selective pallet racks in each level, is designed for efficiency and adaptability, with future-focused planning to meet evolving operational demands. The mezzanine levels will organize products methodically, optimizing space and streamlining workflow. The mezzanine is set to catapult Elite Flower’s logistical efficiency to new heights, reinforcing their commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction within the intricate tapestry of global distribution networks.

The once-empty void is now buzzed with activity. The 3-floor mezzanine has enhanced operational efficiency by increasing their storage space in this area x3. Elite Flowers literally tripled their square footage using the vertical space of the warehouse. Racking was installed in the 3 different levels to increase their hand-picking operation, ensuring inventory accessibility and organization. The mezzanine was a cost-effective investment for Elite Flowers since they avoided having to expand their warehouse or relocate their operations.

Project Gallery & Specifications

Elite flower Mezzanine BEFORE

Stage 1: Provisional Solution

A provisional 2-floor mezzanine was built with pallet racks and plywood as we awaited for permits to built the structural mezzanine. This way Elite Flower could have a temporary solution to supply their storage needs, and avoided overcrowding their warehouse.

Elite Flower Mezzanine

Stage 2: Demarcation of Structure

Our engineering team marked the bases for the construction of the mezzanine. In order for the warehouse to support the mezzanine weight, the bases had to be reinforced with concrete and rebars.

Elite Flower Mezzanine

Stage 3: Mezzanine Footers

1-foot deep holes were drilled to support the mezzanine. We didn’t want to run any risks of the mezzanine sinking down after being installed. A total 21 wholes were drilled and filled with special concrete and rebars to reinforce the mezzanine bases.

The Elite Flower

Stage 4: Mezzanine Columns

The mezzanine columns where installed and the 3-story mezzanine starts to take shape.

The Elite Flower

Stage 5: Stairs and Decks

The mezzanine starts to rise up and the decks take shape as we proceed with the installation of stairs and flooring.

The Elite Flower

Stage 6: Vertical Storage Space Increased x3

The 3-story mezzanine is fully installed and The Elite Flower’s now has 3 times the space they used to have before! Each floor will have pallet racking installed for hand-pinking operation)