About Chifles Chips

Chifles Chips

Founded in 1963, Chifles chips sprouted its roots in Tampa, Florida, inspired by the vibrant street vendors of Havana, Cuba. Although gluten-free and vegan snacks weren’t in the spotlight at the time, the founders knew the undeniable deliciousness of plantain chips was a secret too good to keep.

Tony Rivas Sr., fresh from Cuba, swiftly became Florida’s largest Chifles distributor, igniting a legacy that his son, Tony Jr., would eagerly embrace. Together, they acquired the company, determined to bring the mouthwatering delights of Chifles to stores across the USA.

One Friday night in November 2017, just months after taking ownership, tragedy struck as an accidental fire razed the Chifles warehouse. Rising from the ashes, the resilient Rivas family rallied together and moved the headquarters to Miami. Today, in their new facility they proudly carry a legacy of crafting the perfect plantain chip – a testament of 60 years of hard work and dedication in pursuit to the American dream.

In 2019, Chifles earned the distinction of being the number one plantain chip in America, as recognized by IRi Worldwide, and still holds that title to this day. This accolade serves as a testament to the Rivas family’s enduring legacy and the unwavering love that consumers have for the exceptional quality of Chifles.

Project Scope

Chifles Chips has been achieving a constant high annual growth rate over the last years. The company has rosen to become the best plantain chips company in America. The popular crunchy food can be paired as a side dish, mixed into a sandwich, or eaten straight out of the bag as a snack.

In order to maintain it’s excellence standards in a highly competitive market, Chifles has been needing to keep up with the high volume demands from customers. The company decided that by expanding their facility and optimizing their operations, they would be equipped to provide customers with industry-leading distribution services with an even greater scale to support growth.

The Solution

For the new Distribution Center in Miami, Florida we were approached to offer a competitive storage solution to store multiple types of products. All stored-on pallets with various different pallet types.

The solution offered was a standard adjustable pallet racking system configured with three different bay profiles to suit the different pallet sizes, the quantities to store and the handling equipment employed. Double deep racks where used to save space and allow more storage.

Combining different rack frame depths and beam capacities using a racking system that is adjustable in height.

Rack protection equipment was also utilized in the project to protect the racking from forklift and pallet jack impact. We installed Rack-End protectors to safeguard the row ends, where vehicle traffic is high accessing the aisles. Bullnose protectors were installed on all posts to protect the bottom 4 inches of the uprights (this section is very vulnerable and impact is common) in order to prevent costly accidents.

The project was completed in the set required time for the warehouse to be operational as specified.

Project Specifications

  • Warehouse Floor Space: 18,000 sq. ft.
  • Storage Solution: Double Deep Selective Pallet Rack
  • Racking Dimensions: Height: 18ft  |  Deep: 42in |  Beam Width: 108in (9ft)
  • Levels: 4 (Floor plus 3 Beams Levels) and 3 (Floor plus 2 Beam Levels)
  • Rows: 15
  • Aisles: 4
  • Pallet Positions: 602
Chifles Case Study Warehouse
Chifles Case Study Warehouse
Chifles Case Study Warehouse
Chifles Case Study Warehouse
Chifles Case Study Warehouse
Chifles Case Study Warehouse