About UOVO

Founded by collectors who sought a new standard of storage and services, UOVO is dedicated to providing pre-eminent logistics solutions for art, fashion, wine, archives, and collectibles. Headquartered in New York with locations across the United States (California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida and Texas), UOVO is operated by a team of industry professionals with decades of experience.

UOVO was designed for the sole purpose of safe-guarding collections. Their privately-owned, state-of-the-art facilities are ideal for the long-term preservation and care of art, fashion, wine, archives, cultural artifacts, contemporary collectibles and rare objects.

Offering a full range of services, including climate-controlled storage, digital inventory management, secure transportation, packing and crating, archiving solutions, private viewing galleries, art installation, photography, and more.

At UOVO, your treasured pieces are safely stored.

UOVO Art Storage

The UOVO Advantage

Uovo stores art and collectible items for individuals, galleries and museums in climate control facilities with digital inventory systems that guarantee complete security to their customers. Ideal for clients who prefer direct and frequent access to their works. They offer customized plans to customers with racking, lighting, flooring, and climate conditions best suited to their collections.

The Situation

UOVO Miami contacted Atlantic Rack looking for a customizable racking solution to store fine art paintings in their 85,000-square-foot facility. The purpose of the project was to be able to store different sizes of artwork frames taking into account the importance of care that these pieces need. The storage solution needed to meet the following standards:

  • Anti-rust properties for storing in a climate controlled environment.
  • Store different size of fine art painting frames.
  • Resist heavy load capacity.
  • Separate the paintings so they wouldn’t touch each other.
  • Smooth flat surface that would allow to smoothly push/pull the paintings when stored/picked.

The Solution

According to the customer requests, the solution offered by Atlantic Rack was a customized 16 foot high, double deep selective racking structure with adjustable beam levels for storing different sized artwork paintings vertically. The structure is equipped with vertical, round aluminum tubing for separation of the art and wire decking covered with coroplast sheet surfaces to protect the paintings from being scratched when dragged for picking.

The racking structure would allow UOVO was configured in a way that they could store up to 22 different artwork sizes.

Project Specs: 

  • Uprights: (24) 16ft high
  • Beams: (144) 4 ft long
  • Levels: 4
  • Rows: 6
  • Double Deep Selective Racking
UOVO Storage Solution for Fine Art
UOVO Pallet Racking Storage Solution for Fine Art
UOVO Pallet Racking Storage Solution for Fine Art