About International Home

International Home (IH), was founded 100 years ago in Argentina. Slowly and steadily they have become a leading force in the furniture market across the American continent. Today they have distribution centers in 4 different countries USA, Mexico, Chile and Argentina, making them one of the largest furniture distributors in the continent.

Their partnership with world leaders in furniture development and manufacturing ensures a comprehensive range of products distributed throughout the region. International Home is committed to sustainability, prioritizing waste reduction, resource conservation, and environmental awareness. Their product line reflects this ethos, offering ethically and environmentally responsible furniture that combines international design with responsibly sourced materials.

With a focus on making sustainable outdoor living accessible to everyone, IH produces furniture that not only looks great but is also weather-resistant, low-maintenance, and built to last. Their products are designed for year-round outdoor use in all weather conditions, ensuring durability and style. Whether for commercial spaces, interior design projects, renovations, or large-scale ventures like hotels and apartment buildings, IH provides flexible solutions.

International Home Miami Warehouse

The Situation

IH has been achieving a constant high-annual growth rate over the present years and in order to maintain it’s excellence standards in a highly competitive market, they needed to keep up with the high volume demands from customers. As the Furniture Distribution Company expands its operations and product range, the need for larger efficient storage solutions became paramount.

With a growing customer base and increasing demand for furniture, IH has decided to embark on an ambitious expansion project: unifying their two 15,000 sq.ft warehouse locations to a single 100,000sq-ft location in Hialeah Gardens, Florida. The goal? Create a modern and efficient storage facility with large amounts of capacity for fulfillment and distribution purposes.

To enhance their distribution capabilities and accommodate their growing inventory, they sought out Atlantic Rack for a customized warehouse solution, who quickly found out that IH’s old 12-foot-tall racking systems was no longer sufficient. They needed more space and a better solution to store their diverse range of products efficiently. However, due to fireproofing requirements, they couldn’t use cantilever racks in their new warehouse.

The Solution

International Home collaborated with pallet rack distributor Atlantic Rack and storage solutions provider Red Steel MH to find the right solution for their new warehouse in order to maximize storage space and optimize the fulfillment process. Here’s what they implemented:

Selective Pallet Racks

This solution provides the ability to increase the storage capacity of any facility by taking advantage of the vertical space. Selective Racks allow to store high amounts of inventory and enable direct access to individual pallets or cartons without the need of moving others, making it a highly selective solution.

• Installed 24-foot-tall selective pallet racks with 5,330 pallet positions

• 2,560 double-deep pallet positions

• 2,770 single-deep pallet positions

• The system featured 497 bays with 5 and 4 levels and 96-inch beams

Selective Pallet Racks

Narrow Aisles

The layout was designed with narrow aisles in order to save space. Narrow aisles can free up to 20-25% of floorspace and increase storage density, allowing the warehouse to store more goods and materials per square foot.

• A total of twenty 8-foot narrow aisles.

• Workers used narrow aisle forklifts to navigate these narrow aisles.

• Result: International Home reduced labor requirements and minimized product damage during handling.

End-of-Aisle-Rack Protectors

End-of-Aisle Rack protectors are an important safety and efficiency accessory for warehouses. They help to prevent forklift collisions where accidents are more common: Aisle ends. These accessories help protect workers and inventory, extend the life of the racking system, and improve overall safety and efficiency in the warehouse.

• Installed 152 end-of-aisle rack protectors.

End of Aisle Rack Protectors
Bullnose Rack Protectors

Bullnose Rack Protectors

90% of forklift impacts happen in the bottom 4 inches of the pallet rack uprights. Bullnose rack protectors are designed to protect the base of the racks, preventing costly accidents. Also called V-nose protectors, this product is anchored to the floor adding extra strength and stability to the racks.

• A total of 489 bullnose rack protectors where installed at the bottom of the pallet rack posts.