About Alumina

Alumina  S.A. is an aluminum extruder multinational company with more than 60 years of experience and presence in South, Central, North America and the Caribbean. Located in Cali, Colombia they provide extrusions for two main industries: architectural and industrial. Their main plant in Colombia can extrude up to 1,820 tons/mo, anodize 396 tons/mo, paint 1,154 tons/mo and foil 337 tons/mo. They export to Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Curazao, Guadalupe, Dominica, Martinica, Trinidad and Tobago, and the USA.

Alumina S.A. is in the capacity of extruding profiles with exclusive and personalized designs. They have the brand’s own profile systems for the manufacture of stairs, furniture, structures, transportation and in general a wide portfolio of multipurpose profiles to meet various industry requirements.

Their North American Distribution center is located in Hialeah Gardens, Florida.

Alumina Distribution Center Case Study

Scope of Project

After years of success and constant growth in the Central and South American regions, Alumina decided it was time to make the big move and start selling their products in North America. Once they decided to enter North America, they decided Florida was the perfect place to have their first distribution center for North America, due to the proximity to Colombia and maritime port benefits.

For North America they created the company under the name Alumina Distribution Center and is located in Hialeah, Florida.

Alumina reached Atlantic Rack with one purpose only: they needed to store the huge amounts of extruded aluminum that was going to be exported permanently from Colombia. They knew that in order to be competitive in the United States the strategy had to be focused on having inventory handy. The United States market is way more competitive than the ones in Central and South America and for that they needed wide spaces and efficiency in storing their products.

The Challenges of Storing Aluminum Extrusions

Storing aluminum extrusions presents unique challenges due to the size, shape, and weight of the load. One key challenge is maximizing storage space. Extrusions are typically long and bulky, making it challenging to find suitable racking systems that can accommodate their length. Another challenge is ensuring proper protection and handling. Aluminum extrusions are susceptible to damage, such as scratches or dents, which can affect their usability and value. Therefore, careful handling and protective packaging are crucial to prevent any potential damage during storage and transportation. Additionally, managing inventory can be a challenge. Extrusions come in various sizes and profiles, making it essential to have an efficient tracking system to accurately record and manage stock levels. Lastly, fluctuating market demands and customer requirements can pose challenges in maintaining optimal stock levels and delivering products on time. Overall, storing aluminum extrusions requires careful planning, proper storage equipment, and effective inventory management to maximize space, protect the products, and meet customer demands.

The Solution

After reviewing and analyzing the customer challenges we came to the conclusion that Alumina Distribution Center required Structural Cantilever Rack Systems in a double-side configuration in order to store the huge amounts of aluminum extrusions. Cantilever racking is an excellent storage solution for aluminum extrusions due to its unique design and benefits. The foremost advantage is its ability to efficiently store long and heavy items, such as aluminum extrusions, without the need for vertical support in front. This allows for easy access and retrieval of the materials, saving time and effort. Cantilever racks also provide flexibility in terms of adjusting the height and length of the arms, accommodating different sizes of extrusions. This adaptability ensures optimal use of available warehouse space, maximizing storage capacity. Additionally, the open design of the rack facilitates airflow and visibility, reducing the risk of damage and enabling quick identification of required materials. Overall, cantilever racking helps streamline the storage and handling process for aluminum extrusions, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

For this project we used the following:

• 119 towers of 24ft high Structural Cantilever Racks (Double sided) guaranteeing mas load capacity.

• 48″ Cantilever Bases

• 36″ Cantilever Arms

• 60″ Cantilever Braces

Structural Cantilever Racks
Structural Cantilever Back to Back
Cantilever Racking