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Increase Storage With Gravity and Push Back Pallet Rack Systems

Gravity and Push Back Pallet Rack Systems

The one force on earth that affects everyone and everything is gravity. Using gravity to save time and energy is just a smart thing to do, and push back pallet rack systems make good use of it.

Push back pallet racking is great for a high volume business that is moving up to the next stage of business. Warehouses full of traditional pallet racking or metal shelving can hinder growth as it limits inventory. But in the same footprint, push back pallet racking offers more options to reorganize current inventory while making room for more, and eliminating or postponing the need to purchase additional property or build to expand the current operation.

Push back pallet racking is easy to use. Using standard forklifts, the pallets can be front loaded on a platform that rests at the bottom of a track. The track is angled forward, using gravity to move the pallet into the pick position. More pallets are stacked behind it.

Then, as pallets are picked from the front, the line of pallets moves down slowly, again due to the power of gravity, and rests against the stop so that the next pallet is in the easy pick position. The rows can be right next to another, making forklift traffic aisles into storage aisles, and minimizing the wasted space between pallets caused by front columns of traditional shelving blocking the access of forklifts.

Atlantic Rack's Push back pallet rack systemThis system works best for first in first out (FIFO) inventory systems and great for same SKU items, making locations easy to find and track and making the execution of an inventory of stock easier to do. It works in any warehouse environment, including freezer storage, or outside storage facilities.

The multiple lanes are what makes this so effective for taking existing space and getting more out of it. Each lane is a minimum of five pallets and can be more. The defined and easy to access pick points help direct forklift traffic better, improving productivity and safety, while providing a less stressful work environment for employees. It also helps save energy as air can move through and around the pallets.

Push back pallet rack system offers the ideal mix of high density storage with selectivity. Using the natural force of gravity saves you time, money and space, and give your current warehouse the extra capacity you need to move to the next level of business at a reasonable expense.