About Boeing Distribution

Founded in 1974 as M&M Aerospace Hardware, Boeing Distribution Services has evolved into a global leader across all platforms through strong organic growth, multiple strategic acquisitions, the 2014 spin-off from B/E Aerospace, Inc and the 2018 acquisition by Boeing.

Boeing Distribution Services stocks over 1 million part numbers for OEMs, MROs and airlines, and offers end-to-end services that reduce cost, risk and complexity. They have 2,300+ employees in over 65 locations around the globe working in the military, commercial and business jet space.

By focusing on the high-volume, low-cost side of the aerospace supply chain, Boeing Distribution Services liberates customers from the endless details. More than just a distributor, they are problem-solvers focused on a higher purpose: to help build aircraft and keep them soaring in the skies.

It takes more than speed and lift to get a plane off the ground. It takes an industry of people, parts and ideas all working together with virtually no room for error.

Boeing Distribution

Project Scope

Boeing distribution services has more than $1.3 billion worth of parts on hand. This implies a high responsibility with customers and for the same reason they must comply with high environmental and safety standards in their distribution centers. This means Boeing Distribution services should follow operational and logistics processes with the highest quality levels.  A company with such level of responsibility cannot allow for any margin of error.

The Situation

Atlantic Rack has a long history of business relationship with Boeing Distribution in South Florida, providing them with all sort of material handling and storage solutions for many years. Luis Jimenez, PRESIDENT and CEO of Atlantic Rack has personally served this client to guarantee the highest level of expertise to consult this customer.

For this specific project, Boeing contacted Atlantic Rack because they required a solution for their warehouse docks that would prevent outside elements like rodents, bugs, rain, wind, dust and other particles from entering their facility.

The high traffic flow of trucks loading/unloading daily in the facility was generating a problem because it was hard to maintain the warehouse clean, controlling air conditioning temperature levels and outside particles were entering the warehouse due to the high winds of Florida. Not to mention the amount of water that was entering the facility when the rainy-hurricane season hits Florida.

As mentioned before, Beoing has strict safety working procedures and they couldn’t afford to damage products or risk personnel injury.

The Solution: Red Steel Loading Dock Shelters

Dock shelters are enclosures that provide a wiper seal against the trailer top and sides for high sealing efficiency. Red Steel Shelters are constructed of industrial fabric curtains fitted with fiberglass stays to apply pressure. The seal at the top is created with a curtain designed to reach down to the trailer. The side curtains are equipped with features to seal around trailer door hinge gaps.

Adding Dock shelters to the loading docks provides the safest and cleanest warehouse environment. Sealing the gaps around the trailers help maintain temperature and prohibits all outside elements to enter the facility, keeping the environment clean and minimizing the risk of wet surfaces inside the warehouse preventing accidents.

Dock shelters help protect assets and people from the exterior elements, while providing full, unimpeded vehicle access for safe and productive docks. They also add to energy-saving benefits since they help maintain temperature in climate-controlled facilities.

Loading Dock Shelters
Loading Dock Shelters
Loading Dock Shelters
Loading Dock Shelters
Loading Dock Shelters
Loading Dock Shelters