About Azenco

Azenco Outdoor started as Abrisud in 1996 when Charles Chapus earned 20 patents for his suite of products and made his company the European leader in pool covers by 2005. Today, they use their expertise in pool covers to develop bioclimatic pergolas, carports and cabanas.

Azenco Outdoor designs and manufactures an award-winning range of aluminum pergolas, innovative cabanas, carports and pool covers that elegantly compliment any architectural style and optimize every residential or commercial outdoor space.

Chapus formed Azenco Groupe France in 2011 before expanding to Spain, along with Switzerland and the United States in 2017. In 2019, Azenco achieved milestones on both sides of the Atlantic: partnering with Akena Group, the number one sunroom manufacturer in Europe, becoming the leading maker of pool enclosures in the European market, and opening its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida.

Their purpose is to create products that make life better outdoors!

Azenco Group

The Situation

Azenco has been achieving a constant high annual growth rate over the last years. After their huge success in Europe, they decided to explore the US market and what better place than Miami to start their operations: a city where real state is booming, pools and backyards are everywhere and outdoors is the normal living standard.

Azenco’s first US manufacturing facility had to accomplish a challenging storage problem. Azenco stores wood, lumber, pipes, pavers, roofing and all sort of construction materials.  Their product supplies are usually very long and bulky which needs huge amounts of storage space. They needed a material handling solution that would max out their warehouse storage space and optimize their operations.

The Challenges of Storing Construction Materials (Specially in Miami)

Storing construction materials presents unique challenges due to the size, shape, and weight of the loads. One key challenge is maximizing storage space. Construction supplies are typically long and bulky, making it challenging to find suitable racking systems that can accommodate their length. Another challenge is ensuring proper protection and handling. Construction supplies are susceptible to damage, such as scratches or dents, which can affect their usability and value. Therefore, careful handling and protective packaging are crucial to prevent any potential damage during storage and transportation. Additionally, managing inventory can be a challenge. Construction supplies come in various sizes and shapes, making it essential to have an efficient tracking system to accurately record and manage stock levels. Lastly, Miami is an expensive city in terms of real state, making it very pricy to rent or own property, reason why maximization of storage space is crucial for any company, so their numbers work out!

The Solution: Structural Cantilever

After reviewing and analyzing the customer challenges Atlantic Rack came to the conclusion that the best solution for Azenco was Structural Cantilever Racking Systems in a single and double-side configuration. Cantilever racking is an excellent storage solution for storing construction materials due to its unique design and benefits. The foremost advantage is its ability to efficiently store long and heavy items, such as lumber, tubes, pipes, without the need for vertical support in front. This allows for easy access and retrieval of the materials, saving time and effort.

Cantilever racks also provide flexibility in terms of adjusting the height and length of the arms, accommodating different sizes of extrusions. This adaptability ensures optimal use of available warehouse space, maximizing storage capacity. Additionally, the open design of the rack facilitates airflow and visibility, reducing the risk of damage and enabling quick identification of required materials. Overall, cantilever racking helps streamline the storage and handling process for construction materials, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Cantilever rack