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The 5 Best Apps for Taking Inventory

The ability to manage, control, and track inventory at any time is a must in today’s warehouse industry. Inventory management is crucial to success and sustainability. You need to have the information and technology needed for taking inventory available to you at your fingertips at all times, otherwise you will be losing time and money. Simply tracking inventory the traditional way is no longer feasible. Luckily, there are numerous mobile phone apps which give you the power to take inventory anywhere and at any time. Additionally, these apps will update your books in real time so you do not have to enter anything manually into your system. Here a few apps designed to help you keep track of inventory right on your phone.

Inventory Now. Inventory Now is ideal for small to medium sized businesses. It allows you to view all of your inventory on one screen and sort, filter, and search through your inventory. You can add all other important information having to do with your inventory to the app for easy access.

Stock Control. Stock Control is available on all IOS products. Stock Control is an inventory management app which lists items, sorts them into categories, and associates them with storage locations. This app is ideal for searching for and retrieving inventory information. You can also import and export the information for you app to your desktop computer and vice versa.

Goods Order Inventory. With Goods Order Inventory, you can manage multiple sites in one app by connecting to multiple desktops and locations. This app synchs in real time so you are always up to date on the inventory statuses of your warehouses. Goods Order Inventory also has a barcode scanning feature.

SOS Inventory. SOS Inventory is an add-on for QuickBooks online to help with inventory, manufacturing, and order management. Everyone in you organization can use and have access to this app at any time. SOS Inventory’s connection to QuickBooks gives you convenient access to all of your management information in one place.

On Shelf. On Shelf is an app built for small business owners. It gives you the ability to synch to multiple iPads and has a built-in barcode reader. On Shelf makes it easy to view all of your items independently from one another or in a group, and you can single out the information on an item using the built in barcode scanner.